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/* draw.h -- Interactive drawing utilities
void pencil(void);
void spraycan(void);
void drawlines(void);
void erase(void);
void drawcircle(void);
void mallocerror(void);

/* The fill parameters, drawing colors, and so forth are all kept as global
* variables. From time to time the current drawing, fill, and line
* styles may be changed, so before using any drawing function make sure
* the various drawing parameters are reset to these global values.
extern int globalfillstyle; /* The fill style that should be used */
extern int globalfillcolor; /* Holds the fill color that should be used */
extern int globaldrawcolor; /* Holds the drawing color to use */
extern int globallinestyle; /* Holds the line style that should be used */

extern int wl, wt, wr, wb;

#define ERASERSIZE 3 /* Half the size of the eraser */
#define SPRAYSIZE 15 /* Size of spray can spray area */