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TP4.0 popup menu/window unit. From DDJ-June.
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TP4.0 popup menu/window unit. From DDJ-June.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
POPDEMO.EXE 13136 6870 deflated
POPDEMO.PAS 9111 2233 deflated
POPUPS.DOC 616 360 deflated
POPUPS.PAS 10088 3016 deflated
POPUPS.TPU 8064 3097 deflated

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Contents of the POPUPS.DOC file

Documentation for popups.

This is the code for a very well done popup window and menuing system
by Kent Porter in the July 1988 issue of Dr. Dobbs Journal.

For a full understanding of its method, it will be useful to read the
article from that issue, but it should not be difficult to figure out
how to set up your own menuing system by examining the demo program code.

This is a good example of a form of object-oriented programming, using
Pascal structures as objects. I find it easy to understand, and easy to

Hope you find it as useful as I have.

Charles Frankle
04 July 1988

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