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Programmer's Journal Volume 7 Number 5 source code disk.
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Programmer’s Journal Volume 7 Number 5 source code disk.
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Contents of the MAKE.DOC file

CURSES Appendix B

B.1 A Program Maintenance Tool

A Unix like make program is provided with the Curses
package. Although this is not a full implementation of
make, it works very similarly to the Unix version. The
following features are supported:

Usage: make [-B | -b] [target_name(s)]

o the file with targets and instructions must be named
makefile and be in the current working directory

o if the -B (or -b) option is used, make will build a
batch shell script to construct the target(s) desired
(file placed in MK.BAT); useful if PC has too little
RAM to spawn commands while make is executing

o if a target is not given on the command line then the
first target in makefile will be made

o all characters after a # are considered comments

o all dependencies are made first before the main

o targets without dependencies will always be made

o files whose suffixes are .c, .h, .cpp, .cxx, .hpp or
.hxx do not need targets and will be considered up to

o there are up to eight (8) instructions per target

o instructions starting with the @ character will not
be echoed to the screen before being performed

o if errors are detected by the exit value (non-zero)
of any instruction (except MS-DOS internal functions),
make will stop execution and exit with the exit value
of the instruction

o each individual target group with instructions must
be separated by at least one blank line


CURSES Appendix B

The makefile must follow this syntax:

[# comment]
target1 : [dependency1 ...] [# comment]
[instruction1] [# comment]
[instruction2] [# comment]
[instruction3] [# comment]

target2 : [dependency1 ...] ...

The make utility does not currently support macros and
environment variables in dependency lines. No batch shell
scripts may be run from make. Also, no line may be sepa-
rated with a '\' character. The following is a sample
makefile layout for a make-believe program:

# makefile for foo.exe - uses MSC 5.0

foo.exe : foo.obj junk.obj scurses.lib
cl foo junk -link scurses

foo.obj : foo.c foo.h
cl -c foo.c

junk.obj : junk.asm
masm junk;

curses.lib : # needed to resolve foo.exe : line

junk.asm : # needed to resolve junk.obj : line

# not needed for null dependency targets for .c & .h
# end of makefile


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