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The best of PC World's Star-Dot-Star (*.*).
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The best of PC World’s Star-Dot-Star (*.*).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDRESS.PAD 336 229 deflated
ALTB.MAC 14 14 stored
ALTB.TXT 697 270 deflated
ALTE.MAC 46 46 stored
ALTE.TXT 1647 437 deflated
ALTT.MAC 4 4 stored
ALTT.TXT 409 169 deflated
ASKADDR 318 190 deflated
CENTER.PRG 128 84 deflated
CHKDSK.BAT 360 167 deflated
COMPALL.BAS 4223 1188 deflated
COMPALL.EXE 37904 25401 deflated
CREATSEC.PRG 477 327 deflated
CR_N_CR 5 5 stored
DATAMKR2.BAS 1228 667 deflated
DATAMKR2.EXE 33551 23769 deflated
DATECHEK.COM 8 8 stored
DATECHEK.LST 1328 484 deflated
DAYCHECK.BAT 690 206 deflated
DELV.C 987 469 deflated
DELV.EXE 9154 5741 deflated
DEMO.WK1 3075 899 deflated
DOC2.PRG 1704 784 deflated
ENVELOPE 152 105 deflated
FORM.BAT 411 230 deflated
GETKEY.COM 8 8 stored
GETKEY.LST 1301 486 deflated
GETKEYD.COM 14 14 stored
GETKEYD.LST 1509 567 deflated
INSADD.BAT 306 142 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 3165 967 deflated
LABEL 134 95 deflated
LTRFM 234 139 deflated
MATCH.BAT 542 259 deflated
PACK.SC 300 203 deflated
POINT.WK1 1567 285 deflated
POPUP.EXE 5600 3515 deflated
POPUP.PAS 2698 816 deflated
PROG.BAS 131 117 deflated
PSFF.ASM 3355 1022 deflated
PSFF.COM 117 117 stored
PSFF.DAT 525 257 deflated
README 2849 1324 deflated
SAMPLE.WK1 1706 387 deflated
STAR.EXE 71248 33301 deflated
TESTCENT.PRG 256 165 deflated
TESTGK.BAT 908 352 deflated
WINDOWS.EXE 6176 3860 deflated
WINDOWS.PAS 4257 1039 deflated
WSMAC.TXT 504 134 deflated
X-MAKER2.BAS 1215 622 deflated

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Contents of the README file

== PC World's Best of Star-Dot-Star (*.*) Vol 1 ==
== ==
== Copyright 1988 by PCW Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. ==


The bottom line of the display tells you what keys to press. Refer
to this line if you need help.

Use the cursor keys plus , , , and to move
the selector bar. To select a highlighted command, press .

Select one of the categories--WordPerfect, dBASE, 1-2-3, and so on.
This will display instructions about this program's utilities. Use
the cursor keys plus , , , and to scroll the
text up and down. For example, if you are reading these notes on
screen, press now to see more instructions...

Select the "Print Manual" command from the menu. Make sure your
printer is on and has paper. Then, press P to begin printing. Press
at any time to cancel printing and return to the menu.

Each utility, macro, and batch file is stored in a separate disk
directory. The directory names begin with underscores to avoid
possible conflicts with other directories in your system. From DOS,
use the CD command to change to a directory. For example, type CD
\_WP to change to the _WP directory. Inside each directory is a
README text file that describes how to use the utilities stored
there. (Some directories have more than one utility, others have
only one.) The text in these README files is the same as the text
displayed and printed by the STAR.EXE program.

You might want to copy the files on this diskette to your hard drive.
To do this, insert the diskette in drive A: and type A:INSTALL A: C:
where C: is the letter of your hard drive. The INSTALL.BAT batch
file creates a new directory named STAR1 on your hard disk. You may
also use DOS commands COPY and XCOPY to copy the diskette files.

I wrote STAR.EXE in Turbo Pascal 5.0 using the Turbo Professional
toolkit from TurboPower Software. The PC World logo (visible only on
graphics displays) was designed by Karl Koessel. Special thanks
to the many readers who have contributed to Star-Dot-Star. (Don't
forget--we pay cold cash for your hot tips! See page 4 in any
recent PC World issue for details on where to send your own
contributions.) Enjoy!
--- Tom Swan, Editor, Star-Dot-Star

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