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PC Techniques files from Volume 3, Number 5.
File PCTV3N5.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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PC Techniques files from Volume 3, Number 5.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CALCNAME.SRC 474 282 deflated
FPEX.CPP 3984 1328 deflated
FPNUM.CPP 7070 2043 deflated
FPNUM.H 6564 1848 deflated
FPSPEED.CPP 4358 967 deflated
FPTRIG.CPP 3024 990 deflated
GETEVENT.SRC 2303 931 deflated
GETPALET.SRC 454 255 deflated
MAKERAW.C 677 334 deflated
NEWDEBUG.CXX 4811 1447 deflated
NEWDEBUG.H 2833 933 deflated
NEWTEST.CXX 2472 776 deflated
READ.ME 2524 1295 deflated
SIMPLDLL.PAS 959 371 deflated
SIMPLUSR.PAS 613 304 deflated
STATUS.ZIP 47459 46745 deflated
STRWRITE.PAS 6225 1531 deflated
VBMIDI.ZIP 4943 4315 deflated
VBWAVE.ZIP 104824 103201 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

To all our programmer friends:

These are the listings from the December 1992/January 1993 issue of
PC TECHNIQUES, Volume 3, #5.

We place *no* restrictions on the distribution or use of the source code
published in the magazine. Please add it to your user group library or
BBS file archives. Pass it along to your friends. Make sure that anyone
who might conceivably find the code useful will get it.

Tom Swan's column listings are contained in their own .ZIP file,
STATUS.ZIP. Ditto for Irene Governale's article, "Catch the .WAV."
The .ZIP file there is VBWAVE.ZIP, which contains all the
listings for the article. The same is true for Tom Campbell's article
"Play It Again, VB" with listings in VBMIDI.ZIP.


Subscription rates are $21.95 per year (6 issues) in the US; $29.95
per year to Canada (in US funds) and $39.95 overseas, again in US funds
drawn on a US bank. Two year subscriptions are available for $37.95
in the US; $53.95 to Canada, and $73.95 overseas. (A $63.95 rate
previous published for two-year overseas subs is incorrect.) We accept
personal and company checks, money orders, and Visa and Mastercard.
Also note that overseas and Canada subscriptions should be paid for
in US funds drawn on a US bank. Otherwise, currency conversion and
foreign bank collection fees can amount to as much as $20, which
obviously won't work out for a $20 or $30 subscription.

We gladly take phone orders if you have a MasterCard or Visa account.
(602) 483-0192. (We do *not* currently accept AMEX or Discover!)

We want your HAX! You don't have to be a published writer. You just
have to get your concept down as best you can in short form, along with
small amounts of code. Think small! HAX should fit on a single magazine
page. You shouldn't send more than 50 or so lines of code with a HAX, nor
more than 400 or 500 words. We pay $25 for each one we publish.

Finally, let us know what you think. We created PC TECHNIQUES to help you
build your programming skills. Your feedback is always welcome. Write to
us at:

7721 E. Gray Suite 204
Scottsdale AZ 85260
(602) 483-0192

And in the meantime, keep hacking!

--Jeff Duntemann KG7JF
Editor in Chief

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