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;** BSOUND.ASM - simulates BASIC's SOUND statement for any language
;Copyright (c) 1990 Ethan Winer
;Syntax: CALL BSound(Frequency%, Duration%)
;Where Frequency% is the frequency in Hertz (cycles per second) and
;Duration% is the number of 1/18ths second to sustain the tone.
;These parameters are identical to those for the SOUND statement in
;the BASIC reference manual, and the range of values for the pitch
;is the same: 37 Hz to 32767 Hz.
;This file is intended to be assembled with MASM 5.1 or later.

.Model Medium, Basic

BSound Proc, Frequency:Word, Duration:Word

Mov AL,10110110b ;initialize Timer 2
Out 43h,AL

Mov DX,12h ;load DX:AX with 1,190,000 to convert
Mov AX,2870h ; the incoming frequency to period (1/f)
Mov BX,Frequency ;get the address for Frequency%
Mov BX,[BX] ;put Frequency% into BX
Cmp BX,37 ;is it less than 37 Hz.?
Jb Exit ;yes, avoid "Divide by zero" overflow err.
Div BX ;now AX holds the correct timer
; interval period

Out 42h,AL ;send the interval information to Timer 2
Mov AL,AH ;get second byte
; (a word must be sent as two bytes)
Out 42h,AL ;send it

In AL,61h ;read timer port "B"
Or AL,00000011b ;set the bits to turn the speaker on
Out 61h,AL ;turn it on

Push Duration ;show Pause where Duration% is
Call Far Ptr Pause ;delay for Duration% clock ticks

In AL,61h ;read timer port "B"
And AL,11111100b ;set the bits to turn the speaker off
Out 61h,AL ;turn it off

Ret ;return to caller

BSound Endp

Pause Proc, Ticks:Word

Mov BX,Ticks ;get address for Ticks%
Mov CX,[BX] ;put it in CX
Jcxz Exit ;zero is a mistake, avoid a LONG delay

Xor AX,AX ;look at the low system timer byte
Mov ES,AX ;through ES

Mov AL,ES:[46Ch] ;get the current timer count

Cmp AL,ES:[46Ch] ;has it changed?
Je Inner ;no, keep checking
Loop Outer ;yes, loop until we've exhausted Ticks%

Ret ;return to caller

Pause Endp

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Archive   : PCTV1N2.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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