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PC Tech Journal high level BM's.
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PC Tech Journal high level BM’s.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALR25386.TIM 4096 692 deflated
COM286.TIM 4096 710 deflated
COM386.TIM 4096 696 deflated
COM38620.TIM 4096 697 deflated
COM38625.TIM 4096 703 deflated
COMP386.TIM 4096 716 deflated
COMPIII.TIM 4096 719 deflated
CURRENT.TIM 4096 564 deflated
EVE38625.TIM 4096 702 deflated
HLANALYZ.EXE 46796 26519 deflated
HLBENCH.EXE 35788 21317 deflated
HLBENCH.SCT 4001 230 deflated
HLDESC.EXE 33680 19820 deflated
HLDISK.EXE 22123 12105 deflated
HLFLOAT.EXE 52396 32287 deflated
HLGRAPH.EXE 55722 33505 deflated
HLHELP.TXT 4414 1886 deflated
HLSORT.EXE 17453 10090 deflated
HLSTART.EXE 28160 17407 deflated
HLSTART.SCT 4001 226 deflated
HLTEXT.EXE 30196 17586 deflated
HLWINDOW.EXE 32448 19329 deflated
IBM50021.TIM 4096 714 deflated
IBM60041.TIM 4096 711 deflated
IBM70A21.TIM 4096 700 deflated
IBM80071.TIM 4096 705 deflated
IBM80111.TIM 4096 700 deflated
IBMAT339.TIM 4096 719 deflated
MSHERC.COM 6749 3648 deflated
MSHERC.MSG 56 56 stored
PCTECH.BAT 49 45 deflated
READ.ME 2908 1184 deflated
TJ640200.PCX 7912 2667 deflated
TJ640350.PCX 11699 3876 deflated
TJ640480.PCX 14909 4663 deflated
XREF.TXT 14 14 stored

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Contents of the READ.ME file

PC Tech Journal System Benchmarks Version 1.00 PCTECHline READ.ME

The benchmarks contained here are described in detail in "High Level
Benchmarks," Kent Quirk, PC Tech Journal, September 1988, p. 54. This
article discusses the logic behind their design, the test methods, how
to run them, and how to interpret the results.

The benchmark programs can be run standalone or under the control of
HLBENCH. Each benchmark program has options that can be used when
run the program is run standalone to modify the performance of the
test. Results obtained using the tests in this configuration are not
comparable to results obtained using their normal configuration.
A description of options available can be obtained by entering the
test name followed by -? at the DOS prompt.

The following files are used for running the benchmarks:

File Purpose

PCTECH.BAT Initiates MSHERC.COM and the benchmark suite.
MSHERC.COM Hercules graphics board driver
HLBENCH.EXE Menu driver that runs the benchmark programs
HLSTART.EXE Displays benchmark suite title screen
HLANALYZ.EXE Benchmark data analysis program
HLTEXT.EXE DOS/BIOS/C library text scrolling test
HLWINDOW.EXE Windows/scrolling test
HLSORT.EXE CPU/memory test
HLFLOAT.EXE Fast Fourier Transform test
HLDISK.EXE Database access test
HLDESC.EXEStores system descriptions
TJ640480.PCX VGA graphics title screen
TJ640350.PCX EGA graphics title screen
TJ640200.PCX CGA graphics title screen
HLSTART.SCT Text mode title screen
HLBENCH.SCT HLBENCH background screen
XREF.TXT Text file containing the name of the default
benchmark reference file (IBMAT339).

The following are benchmark data files:

File System

ALR25386.TIM ALR FlexCache 25386
COM286.TIM Compaq Deskpro 286
COM386.TIM Compaq Deskpro 386
COM38620.TIM Compaq Deskpro 386/20
COM38625.TIM Compaq Deskpro 386/25
COMP386.TIM Compaq Portable 386
COMPIII.TIM Compaq Portable III
EVE38625.TIM Everex Step 386/25
IBM50021.TIM IBM PS/2 Model 50-021
IBM60041.TIM IBM PS/2 Model 60-041
IBM70A21.TIM IBM PS/2 Model 70-A21
IBM80071.TIM IBM PS/2 Model 80-071
IBM80111.TIM IBM PS/2 Model 80-111
IBMAT339.TIM IBM AT Model 339

Source code for the benchmark programs can be downloaded from
PCTECHline. They must be compiled and linked using Microsoft C 5.1
to produce tests that yield the same results as the executable versions.

The notes and comments shown here are contained in the READ.ME file.


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