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Winning DOS prompts from the PC Computing Magazine contest.
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Winning DOS prompts from the PC Computing Magazine contest.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BART.BAT 129 101 deflated
BOO.BAT 111 85 deflated
CAKE.BAT 130 91 deflated
COMPUT.BAT 104 64 deflated
DVORAK.BAT 127 64 deflated
GENESIS.BAT 114 61 deflated
HELP.BAT 110 82 deflated
IBM.BAT 122 73 deflated
OWLS.BAT 116 100 deflated
PLANE.BAT 119 80 deflated
README.DOC 2285 1149 deflated
TRAIN.BAT 127 87 deflated
USER.BAT 126 99 deflated
XMAS.BAT 130 105 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

These prompts are the 13 prize winners from PcComputing's March 1991 issue.

BART.BAT "We received lots of Bart Simpson variations, but the best was
designed by 13-year-old David Morse of Columbia, South Carolina".

COMPUT.BAT "Our award for best bumper sticker design goes to this entry by
Barbara Prestridge of Tupelo, Mississippi".

USER.BAT "We got many prompts with computer themes. This was our favorite,
by Thomas R. Trimble of Elizabethtown, Pennsyvania."

TRAIN.BAT "Of the trains, planes, and boats that passed across our screens,
we liked these two the best. The train was sent by Bill Wiley
of Shenandoah, Virginia. Christopher Bonk of Raytown, Missouri,
designed the bi-plane."

XMAS.BAT "Lawrence Knapp of Montclair, New Jersey, created several prompts
with holiday themes, among them a birthday cake complete with
twinkling candles, a Christmas tree and a pumpkin."

DVORAK.BAT "Ernest P. Metzger, an Urbana, Illinois, native now at Oxford
University, named his prompt DVORAK.BAT, presumably after
PC/Computing columnist John Dvorak, 'with the greatest respect for
MR. Dvorak and the Micosoft Corporation'."

IBM.BAT "Dan McCune of Kansas City, Missouri, is into logos. He sent us his
versions of Big Blue's logo and PC/Computing logo, one of several
that readers gave us."

GENESIS.BAT "This prompt is part of a complete set for each day of the week,
created by floyd H. Sutton of Mansfield, Texas, to correspond to
the first seven days of Genesis. This one represends the fifth
day, when fish and birds appeared."

HELP.BAT "Roger Ramteerath of New York City suggest that this message in
his prompt can be changed to 'any four letter word that suits your
fancy' (or does not annoy your boss)."

OWLS.BAT "A few football followers sent drawings of their favorite mascots.
Rice University fan Jeff Russell of Houston also sent along a
copy of the Owls' fall 1990 schedule."

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