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PC Mag's index to their reviews from 1/88 to 6/89, excellent database.
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PC Mag’s index to their reviews from 1/88 to 6/89, excellent database.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BFSEARCH.EXE 161709 78411 deflated
CL.EXE 37629 19885 deflated
HELP.HDR 3520 413 deflated
HELP.SCR 25780 4155 deflated
PCM.DOC 12443 4150 deflated
PCMBK.DB 5040 2341 deflated
PCMBT.DB 45504 15059 deflated
PCMCF.DB 393 130 deflated
PCMDM.DB 86 5 deflated
PCMDP.DB 2724 789 deflated
PCMIF.DB 3473 1361 deflated
PCMML.DB 523 251 deflated
PCMPP.DB 21760 7227 deflated
PCMRL.DB 327510 113271 deflated
PCMSD.DB 56751 18318 deflated
PCMTT.DB 98064 24624 deflated
PCMTX.DB 536806 81762 deflated
PCMWC.DB 5 5 stored
PCMWL.DB 79867 48536 deflated
SHELP.HDR 3520 50 deflated
SHELP.SCR 774 407 deflated

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Contents of the PCM.DOC file


This file contains information on how to install and use
the Computer Library PC Magazine Reviews Index. A brief User's
guide and a sample search session follow the installation
instructions and systems requirements listed below. To print
this type COPY PCM.DOC PRN at the DOS prompt and press .


To install the Computer Library PC Magazine Reviews Index:

1. Create a directory on your hard disk called CLIB. You
can do this by typing MD CLIB at the DOS prompt and pressing

2. Copy PCM.EXE (or PCM88.EXE, or PCM89A.EXE) into the CLIB
directory, along with PCSRCH.EXE.

3. Be sure you have at least 2,000,000 bytes free on your
hard disk, 512K RAM installed, and DOS 3.1 or higher. You
can check the available space on your hard disk by typing
CHKDSK at the DOS prompt and pressing . Check the
DOS version by typing VER at the DOS prompt and press .

4. Be sure that the FILES and BUFFERS in your CONFIG.SYS file
both equal at least 20. You can see the contents of your
CONFIG.SYS file by typing TYPE CONFIG.SYS at the DOS prompt
while in the root directory of the hard disk that you boot

5. Go to the CLIB directory on your hard disk by typing
CD CLIB at the DOS prompt and pressing .

6. Call the self-extracting archive PCM files one at a time at the
DOS prompt and press . For example, type PCSRCH
and press and the Lotus searchware files will be
extracted into your CLIB directory. Refer to the list below
for the file names and byte sizes of the files that will be
extracted from the downlaoded self-extracting archive files.

7. After you have extracted all of the files from the
downloaded self-extracting archive files, delete the self-extracting
archives from the CLIB directory by typing, DEL PC*.EXE at the DOS
prompt and pressing .

8. Print the PCM.DOC file by typing COPY PCM.DOC PRN
at the DOS prompt and pressing .

9. To start the Computer Library PC Magazine Reviews Index,
go to the CLIB directory, type CL at the DOS prompt
and press .


PCM.EXE - (January 12, 1988 - June 13, 1989)
PCMBK DB 5040 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMBT DB 45504 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMCF DB 393 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMDM DB 86 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMDP DB 2724 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMIF DB 3473 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMML DB 523 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMPP DB 21760 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMRL DB 327510 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMSD DB 56751 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMTT DB 98064 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMTX DB 536806 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMWC DB 5 7-25-89 12:00a
PCMWL DB 79867 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM DOC 12443 7-25-89 12:00a

PCM89A.EXE - (January 17, 1989 - June 13, 1989)
PCM DOC 12443 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ABK DB 2600 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ABT DB 23472 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ACF DB 393 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ADM DB 30 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ADP DB 952 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89AIF DB 3463 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89AML DB 523 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89APP DB 7608 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ARL DB 127218 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ASD DB 28981 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ATT DB 34272 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89ATX DB 194864 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89AWC DB 5 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM89AWL DB 44777 7-25-89 12:00a

PCM88.EXE - (January 12, 1988 - December 7, 1988)
PCM DOC 12443 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88BK DB 3872 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88BT DB 34992 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88CF DB 393 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88DM DB 56 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88DP DB 1772 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88IF DB 3425 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88ML DB 523 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88PP DB 14152 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88RL DB 216408 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88SD DB 43219 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88TT DB 63792 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88TX DB 341942 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88WC DB 5 7-25-89 12:00a
PCM88WL DB 62831 7-25-89 12:00a

PCSRCH.EXE - (BlueFish 2.3 Searchware Files)
BFSEARCH EXE 161709 4-18-89 1:33p
CL EXE 37629 7-19-89 12:04p
HELP HDR 3520 4-06-89 10:13a
SHELP HDR 3520 7-20-89 5:51p
HELP SCR 25780 4-06-89 10:13a
SHELP SCR 724 7-20-89 5:51p

PC Magazine Reviews Index files contain databases and Searchware(TM)
owned by Ziff Communications Company (Ziff) and Lotus Development
Corporation (Lotus), respectively, and are prepared as a service
to readers of PC Magazine. You may not commercially distribute
these files, the Searchware(TM) module or the database reproduced
in these files or use any of them as a component of or as a basis
for a database prepared for commercial distribution. You are
also prohibited from using the Searchware(TM) module with any
database other than the database provided in these files.

Except as specifically provided above, neither Ziff nor Lotus
makes any warranty or representation, either expressed or
implied, with respect to the Searchware(TM) module or the
database reproduced in these files, including, but not limited to,
their quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for a
particular purpose and shall have no liability or responsibility
to any recipient with respect to any liability, loss, or damage
arising, directly or indirectly, out of the use of these files, the
Searchware(TM) module or database contained in these files,
including, but not limited to, those incurred as a result of lost
profits or revenue or other incidental or consequential damages.

Database Copyright (C) 1988, 1989 Ziff Communications Company.
Searchware(TM) Copyright (C) 1986, 1989 Lotus Development
Corporation. All rights reserved. All rights of reproduction in
other media reserved.


General Information

index to the hundreds of software and hardware reviews and
evaluations that appear in PC Magazine.

The PC Magazine Reviews Index is a small part of the Computer
Library Computer Periodicals Database, distributed by Ziff
Communications Company monthly on CD-ROM and on-line through
PC Magazine's PC MagNet.

The CD-ROM version the Computer Periodicals Database contains
an entire year's worth of full text articles and abstracts from
over 125 computer and technology-related periodicals published
in the United States and Great Britain, including PC Magazine.
The on-line version contains two year's worth of articles and

The software used to retrieve citations from the Reviews Index
is a fully functional copy of Lotus Development Corporation's
BlueFish(R) Searchware -- the same software utilized in the
Computer Library Computer Periodicals Database on CD-ROM.
It allows subscribers to easily navigate through the more than
52,000 articles and abstracts available to them each month.

If you would like more information about the Computer Periodicals
Database on CD-ROM please call: 212-503-4400.

Selecting Commands

To select a command from a menu, you can use the RIGHT or LEFT
arrow key to highlight the command, then press ENTER to execute
it. Alternatively, you can type the first letter of the command.
Press HOME to highlight the first command on the menu, or END to
highlight the last command.

Becoming Familiar with the Reviews Index

To become familiar with the features of the PC Magazine Reviews
Index, you should view the Information Screen. To display the
Information Screen, select Info from the Log Menu when first
entering the Reviews Index.

Using Help

The Help System contains information about using commands and
entering queries. To use the Help system, press F1.


Start the Reviews Index

1. Go to the CLIB directory on your hard disk or the
directory in which you installed the Reviews Index.
You can do so by typing CD\ and the appropriate
directory name at the DOS prompt and pressing ENTER.

2. Type CL at the DOS prompt and press ENTER.

3. Press ENTER when you are ready to clear the Copyright Screen.

4. If you have placed more than one index in your CLIB directory
you will be prompted to highlight an index with the highlight
bar and press ENTER.

The Log Screen appears and the "all" query is executed. The "all"
query is executed automatically whenever you enter the Reviews
Index. It tells you how many documents there are and allows you to
begin browsing those documents without having to enter a query.
Each document contains a citation to a PC Magazine review.

Enter A Query

A query contains search terms that define the information you are
looking for. The search ware finds all occurrences of these terms.

1. Select Query by typing Q.

2. Enter the simple query DESKTOP PUBLISHING and press .

3. Once you have read the information in the window,
press any key to clear the window and return to the Log Screen.

The Log Screen lists the most recent 24 queries. The
queries appear in numbered log entries that contain
information about the number of matched search terms
and the number of documents in which those matches occur.

Within the Log Screen, you can enter queries, remove
log entries, protect log entries from being removed,
view information about the PC Magazine Reviews Index,
limit subsequent searches to a set of documents
represented by a log entry, and a copy or print
documents represented by log entries.

View a list of titles

You can use a list of titles to help you determine which documents
you want to browse. This is especially helpful if too many
documents match your query.

1. Select Titles by typing T.

The Titles Screen allows you to view the titles of
documents that contain matches to your queries. Each
document is numbered and contains the document's
title, and the date of publication.

2. Use the UP and DOWN arrow key to highlight a specific title.

Browse a Document

1. Select Browse by typing B.

The Browse Screen appears, displaying the top of the
document you selected. You can browse a document and
move from document to document.

2. When you have completed browsing, press ALT-L to
return to the Log Screen.

End of the Session

1. Select Exit by typing E and Yes by typing Y.


Boolean Operators

You can use the Boolean operators - AND, OR, WITHIN, WITHOUT -
to create phrases that narrow your searches. Press F1 to see examples
of queries that contain Boolean operators.

Wildcard Searching and Missing Letters

If you want to search for several related terms, you can use
Computer Library's wildcard searching features. An asterisk (*)
represents a missing portion of a word. A question mark (?)
represents one missing letter in a word or one missing word in a
phrase. Press F1 to see examples of wildcard queries.

Copy or Print

Copy allows you to copy matched documents to an ASCII file. Print
allows you to print documents directly to your printers. Press F1 for
more information on copying and printing.


You can build your own list of documents for inclusion in the log.
To mark a document, type Alt-M. Press F1 for more information on
marking documents.

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