Dec 202017
PC Gazette -Issue 104.
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PC Gazette -Issue 104.
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PCG4.AAA 24577 4078 deflated
PCG4.BBB 40961 6775 deflated
PCG4.CCC 36865 5382 deflated
PCG4.DDD 20481 2812 deflated
PCG4.MA2 3273 643 deflated
PCG4.MC1 628 186 deflated
PCG4.MD1 4364 739 deflated
PCG4.MD2 4084 678 deflated
PCG4.MOV 3519 690 deflated
PCG4CHRS.PIC 16391 5813 deflated
PCG4DISG.PIC 16391 3272 deflated
PCG4FORM.TXT 903 231 deflated
PCG4MADN.PIC 16391 3408 deflated
PCG4READ.MOV 1958 348 deflated
PCG4TA.MOV 4364 739 deflated
PCG4TREK.PIC 16391 7802 deflated
PCG4TURT.PIC 16391 7633 deflated
READER.COM 17188 11455 deflated
READER.JUN 344 136 deflated
READER.OPT 344 136 deflated
README.1ST 589 359 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

PC GAZETTE 1.04-6/86

This is the June issue of PC Gazette. Before running the program, be certain
that the ANSI driver is installed into memory through the CONFIG.SYS file. If
you don't know how to do this, consult your DOS manual under Device Drivers.
The ANSI driver is necessary for the animation routines used. Without it the
screen display will be very messy as the animation routine is executed.

To run the Gazette, enter `READER JUNE'. We hope you enjoy this issue's

Robert Flores and the Platypus Patrol

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