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Bob Wiber:

Bob Wiber is somewhat older then you might suspect from his fourth grade
writing style, in fact, he is old enough to know better.

The qualifications that he brings to the readers of our publication are truely
unique. He has a extensive computer background, provided by all the computer
pictures he has on the wall behind his desk. A more complete 'computer
bumbler' (nerd would imply that he understood computers a great deal more then
he does) would be hard to find, in fact he still refers to writing with a

Face it, we have an author writing for us that considers THE HITCHHIKER'S
GUIDE TO THE GALAXY as high, classic literature, and the TV show MCGIVER as
the ultimate in ADVENTURE.

However, considering the fact that this publication is still 'non-profit'
(through no fault of your editorial staff), we are stuck with such bozos until
we can afford some class writers.

One last comment - he has also insulted your sense of humor under the pen name
of O. Possum. Now aren't you sorry you found that out? We are!!!!