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There some you out there holding
tightly to the Last Domino theory.
Well, I am sorry to be the bearer of
sad news, but, that's a lot of hooey
(Maybe PC Magazine will not use the
term 'hooey' any more, but then, we're
not in the same dimension as them).
All this baloney about cause and
effect makes me sick. Let me tell you
about the real McCoy: The Last Doggie
Bag concept.

What, you may ask, is the Last Doggie
Bag theory. Well, to begin with, it is
not merely a theory. It is fact. We
are talking solid blacktop, hard
enough for a century of full-court
tournaments here.

It is supremely simple: If you can't
eat it all, have it packed up and take
it with you. Then you can eat it later
or give it to a relative or dog,
whichever you like or dislike more
dearly (that,of course, depends on the
quality of the food). This is a
concept that has been around for as
long as I can remember. I have had
many fine meals from the leftovers
from my wife's luncheons with her
friends. It is Truth, fact, logic.
There are no difficult abstract
philosophies to deal with.

But, you may ask, what does this have
to do with computers? Frankly, I don't
know. If we wanted to deal with
difficult abstract philosophies we
might be able to stretch one to fit.
Me, I rather eat.