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name trystd
title TRYSTD --- time & date conversion demo
page 55,132
; TRYSTD.ASM -- demonstrate use of time and date
; conversion routines in SCANTD.ASM
; and TD.ASM.
; Prompts user for date and time, converts input
; to binary and checks it for validity, then
; converts binary date and time back to ASCII
; for display.
; To exit from this demo program just press
; alone at the prompt.
; Ray Duncan * PC Magazine * February 1988

cr equ 0dh ; ASCII carriage return
lf equ 0ah ; ASCII line feed

stdin equ 0 ; standard input handle
stdout equ 1 ; standard output handle
stderr equ 2 ; standard error handle


_TEXT segment word public 'CODE'

assume cs:_TEXT,ds:_DATA

extrn scantime:near ; convert time to binary
extrn scandate:near ; convert date to binary
extrn tcvt:near ; convert time to ASCII
extrn dcvt:near ; convert date to ASCII

main proc near

mov ax,_DATA ; make our data segment
mov ds,ax ; addressable...
mov es,ax

main1: ; display "Enter date"
mov dx,offset DGROUP:msg1
mov cx,msg1_len
call pmsg

call gline ; get date from user
cmp ax,2 ; empty line?
je main9 ; yes, exit

; convert the date
mov si,offset DGROUP:ibuff
call scandate

jc main2 ; jump if bad date

; convert date for output
mov si,offset DGROUP:msg2a
mov bx,8
call dcvt

; now display date
mov dx,offset DGROUP:msg2
mov cx,msg2_len
call pmsg
jmp main3 ; now do time

main2: ; display "Bad date!"
mov dx,offset DGROUP:msg5
mov cx,msg5_len
call pmsg

main3: ; display "Enter time"
mov dx,offset DGROUP:msg3
mov cx,msg3_len
call pmsg

call gline ; get time from user
cmp ax,2 ; empty line?
je main9 ; yes, exit

; convert the time
mov si,offset DGROUP:ibuff
call scantime

jc main4 ; jump if bad time

; convert time for output
mov si,offset DGROUP:msg4a
mov bx,8
call tcvt

; now display time
mov dx,offset DGROUP:msg4
mov cx,msg4_len
call pmsg
jmp main1 ; go do date again

main4: ; display "Bad time!"
mov dx,offset DGROUP:msg6
mov cx,msg6_len
call pmsg
jmp main1 ; go do date again

main9: mov ax,4c00h ; final exit to MS-DOS
int 21h ; with return code=0

main endp

pmsg proc near ; display a message
; call with
; DS:DX = message
; CX = length

mov bx,stdout ; standard output handle
mov ah,40h ; function 40H = write
int 21h ; transfer to MS-DOS
ret ; back to caller

pmsg endp

gline proc near ; get line from user

; set DS:DX = buffer
mov dx,offset DGROUP:ibuff
mov cx,80 ; CX = maximum length
mov bx,stdin ; standard input handle
mov ah,3fh ; function 3FH = read
int 21h ; transfer to MS-DOS
ret ; back to caller

gline endp

_TEXT ends

_DATA segment word public 'DATA'

msg1 db cr,lf,lf
db "Enter a date: "
msg1_len equ $-msg1

msg2 db cr,lf
db "You entered: "
msg2a db "XX/XX/XX"
msg2_len equ $-msg2

msg3 db cr,lf,lf
db "Enter a time: "
msg3_len equ $-msg3

msg4 db cr,lf
db "You entered: "
msg4a db "XX:XX:XX"
msg4_len equ $-msg4

msg5 db cr,lf
db "Bad date!"
msg5_len equ $-msg5

msg6 db cr,lf
db "Bad time!"
msg6_len equ $-msg6

ibuff db 80 dup (?) ; input buffer

_DATA ends

STACK segment para stack 'STACK'

db 128 dup (?)

STACK ends

end main

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Archive   : N7V11.ZIP
Filename : TRYSTD.ASM

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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