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Microsoft Programmer's Journal Volume 4 No 2 - part 2.
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Microsoft Programmer’s Journal Volume 4 No 2 – part 2.
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Contents of the READPROJ.TXT file



PC-Project is a complete critical path project management application that
runs under Microsoft Windows. PC-Project is written entirely in Actor,
an object-oriented programming language for Microsoft Windows. Complete
source code is included. PC-Project was written as a sample Windows
program and may be freely distributed for non-commercial use.

If any files are missing from the version you have or if you'd like to get
the latest version, you can order it directly from the author at the
nominal charge of $5.00 to the U.S. and $10 elsewhere. The address is
given at the end of this file.

The files on this disk are:
READPROJ.TXT -This "readme" file
INSTALL.BAT -Installation program
ZOO.EXE -Zoo compression/decompression utility program.
PROJECT.ZOO -A compressed file that contains PC-Project program,
source code, sample projects and manual.

I encourage you to share PC-Project with others. Please distribute as
is with all of the files. If you are distributing electronically, please
be sure to send the ZOO.EXE, PROJECT.ZOO and READPROJ.TXT files.

The ZOO file also contains the READPROJ.TXT and INSTALL.BAT file for
easy electronic or disk distribution.

PC-Project Installation:

If you received this disk directly from the Whitewater Group, there is
an INSTALL.BAT program on the disk. To install type:


If you downloaded this program from a bulletin board system, then follow
these instructions. You will also need the ZOO.EXE utility which can be
downloaded from most BBS systems.

If you don't have Actor, then make 4 subdirectories as shown below:

Then install the application and the source code by typing
CD ACTOR (or wherever Actor is installed)
ZOO x/ PROJECT.ZOO (install source into subdirectories)

The ZOO command above will install the source code into the appropriate

Zoo is a public domain archiving utility similar to ARC but faster. Type
for help.

Installed files

During the installation process the following files will be created
on your hard disk.

PMANUAL.TXT -How to use PC-Project (16 pages of text)
PDESIGN.TXT -How PC-Project was designed (11 pages of text)
PROJECT.EXE -Executable PC-Project program file
PROJECT.IMA -Sealed off image file required to run above
*.PRJ -Various test files

If you installed the source code, the following files will also be found:

PROJ.LOD -A "load file" to load the source code if you have Actor
PROJSEAL.LOD -A "load file" to seal off the application if you have Actor
PROJ.H -Header file of constant definitions
CLASSES\*.CLS -Source code to the classes that define the application
ACT\*.ACT -Miscelaneous Actor source code methods
RES\*.RC -Resource script files.
RES\PROJ.ICO -Resource icon.
FIX_LE.ACT -Fixes to Language Extensions I upto version 1.2

Printing the documentation

To print the documentation type:


Starting PC-Project

The project manager application requires Microsoft Windows 2.x. To start
the project manager start Windows and then double click on the PROJECT.EXE
file. If you have Actor DON'T click on the PROJECT.IMA file since you
won't have the resources to run the application correctly. Or you can
run directly from the DOS C> prompt by typing


Refer to the Help screens and PMANUAL.TXT for more instructions. If you'd
like to know more about the design of PC-Project, refer to PDESIGN.TXT.

Version 1.02B 11/30/88
-Minor changes to the ProjWindow and Date classes, PROJ.H and PROJECT.RC
files to make translation to other languages easier. The only file that
needs to be changed now is PROJECT.RC.

Version 1.01B 11/22/88
-Minor changes to the ProjWindow class. Added the Options Zoom view choice
to zoom in and out on the PERT chart. The right mouse button does the
same thing. Rewrote the command method using a data driven approach.
Box sizes are now based on the font size for better display on any

Version 1.0A 11/01/88

-Version 1.0A was made slightly smaller and some minor changes were made
to clean up the windows and dialog box code. Date arithmetic was speeded
up also. There have been no functional changes from version 1.0.
-Version 1.0A corrects a minor bug that occurred when exiting
PC-Project with Windows still running.

Version 1.0 09/01/88

-Printing uses the MS-Windows spooler. The WIN.INI file must have
the entry spooler=yes for printing to work. If there is not enough
memory to print with the spooler, an error message will be displayed.

-PC-Project may give an "insufficient memory error" on some 80386
machines with older versions of Windows/386. If necessary, use the
/N command line flag to run, e.g.



PC-Project has some limitations compared to "professional" project
management packages. These may be addressed in the future.

-Time is in days only. There is no "calendar" facility to skip days.
-PC-Project does not balance resources or check for conflicts.
-PC-Project prints a summary report only; no graphics.

Please let me know if there are any bugs or suggestions by sending
mail to the address at the bottom of this file. Because PC-Project
is distributed free of charge, I cannot provide technical support
beyond answering questions by mail.

Actor Users

You may wish to use the date arithmetic or printing in your own programs.
Please refer to the associated CLS and ACT files for documentation, or
check The Whitewater Group BBS for the most recent versions. The printer
support was written by Mark Solinski. The date arithmetic and space
optimizer were written by Adam Rauch.

About Actor

Actor is an object-oriented programming language for Microsoft Windows.
Actor is a complete development system capable of creating standalone
MS-Windows applications. No licensing fees are required to distribute
applications written in Actor.

PC-Project was written by Zack Urlocker and is copyright 1988, The
Whitewater Group. All rights reserved. For more information about Actor

The Whitewater Group,
Technology Innovation Center
906 University Place,
Evanston, IL, 60201.


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