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// Figure 2 for "A Little CAD with C++"
// Copyright 1988 Bruce Eckel
// Permission required to distribute source

// file: msmenu.hpp
/* A mouse control class with a menu to choose
from. This is an example of data
encapsulation, since it wouldn't make any
sense to declare more than one instance of
an msmenu (you only have one mouse!). */

// note the use of "ifndef" with the modified
// header file name. You should have one of
// these in every header file to prevent
// multiple declaration of classes:
#ifndef MSMENU_HPP
#define MSMENU_HPP

#define LINESIZE 11
#define CHARWIDTH 10
struct menu_s { // to hold the a user menu
char * name; // displayed on screen
int item_number;

class msmenu {
// pointer to the user's menu:
struct menu_s * m;
// char size of the menu:
int height, width;
// graphic size of the menu:
int xsize, ysize;
// graphic areas used by the menu:
int msize;
fg_color_t *color_p,
// graphic storage area:
// graphic box:
fg_box_t sizing_box;

int count; // for messages
// private function -- can only be called
// by member functions:
void drawmenu(int x, int y);
// constructor called for a new object:
msmenu(struct menu_s *);
// destructor called when object goes out
// of scope or delete is used:
// bring up the menu and get user's choice:
int get_selection(unsigned x, unsigned y);
// translate mouse to flash graphics coords:
translate_coords(unsigned * x, unsigned * y) {
*y *= -1;
*y += fg_displaybox[FG_Y2];
// different types of cursors:
void default_cursor(); // arrow
void menu_cursor(); // horizontal arrow
void cross_cursor(); // crosshair

// wait for buttons to be pressed:
wait_left_pressed(unsigned *x, unsigned *y) {
while (!(msm_getstatus(x,y) & 1))
wait_right_pressed(unsigned *x, unsigned *y) {
while (!(msm_getstatus(x,y) & 2))
// wait for buttons to be pressed:
wait_left_released(unsigned *x, unsigned *y) {
while (msm_getstatus(x,y) & 1)
wait_right_released(unsigned *x, unsigned *y){
while (msm_getstatus(x,y) & 2)

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Archive   : MICROCAD.ZIP
Filename : MSMENU.HPP

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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