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Feb 1991 issue of Inside Turbo Pascal. Program listings.
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Feb 1991 issue of Inside Turbo Pascal. Program listings.
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CDISPLAY.PAS 2013 900 deflated
DISPLAY.PAS 1492 666 deflated
GRPHBOX.PAS 9541 2530 deflated
HEAPTIME.PAS 857 408 deflated
MOUSE.PAS 1509 471 deflated
MYINDEX1.NDX 2560 1137 deflated
MYINDEX2.NDX 2048 733 deflated
NDX.PAS 6232 2091 deflated
NDX_TEST.PAS 766 404 deflated
README.TXT 2363 1076 deflated
TESTBOX.PAS 3856 1281 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

This file contains the listings for the February 1991 issue of
Inside Turbo Pascal, published by

The Cobb Group
9420 Bunsen Parkway
Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40220

CONTENTS ====================================================================

Article 1 - Views and other gadgets -----------------------------------------

Listing 1A - DISPLAY PAS 1492 01-31-91 8:00a
Listing 1B - CDISPLAY PAS 2013 01-31-91 8:00a
Listing 1C - HEAPTIME PAS 857 01-31-91 8:00a

Article 2 - Editing the Editors unit -- no listings -------------------------

Article 3 - Graphic display and dialog boxes --------------------------------

Special note from the editor:

To be filed in the "everybody makes mistakes column."

During my testing of the TestBox program, I didn't notice that I had Range
Checking turned off. As a result, the program ran fine. Unfortunately,
it shouldn't have. If I had had range checking turned on, TP would have
told me (quite rightfully) that I had a range check error when I initialized
the mouse.


But if you're curious what I changed, I


changed the data type used in the MOUSE.PAS unit from Integer to Word
This makes the variables match the Register and related variable types.


changed the definition of two variables in the routine
DialogBoxObj.GetResponse of the GRPHBOX.PAS unit from

Mx,My : Integer; {Mouse press locations (x,y)}


Mx,My : Word; {Mouse press locations (x,y)}

Hopefully, since you're downloading the listings, you haven't spent
any time trying to puzzle through this. If you have spent time, my apologies.

Blake Ragsdell
Inside Turbo Pascal

Listing 2A - GRPHBOX PAS 9541 01-31-91 8:00a
Listing 2B - TESTBOX PAS 3856 01-31-91 8:00a
Listing 2C - MOUSE PAS 1509 01-31-91 8:00a

Article 4 - Traversing dBASE III index files

Listing 3A - NDX PAS 6232 01-31-91 8:00a
Listing 3B - NDX_TEST PAS 766 01-31-91 8:00a
Sample file- MYINDEX2 NDX 2048 01-31-91 8:00a
Sample file- MYINDEX1 NDX 2560 01-31-91 8:00a

We included to sample index files you can run the NDX_TEST.PAS program

Until next month,

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