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Issue 39 from Micro Cornucopia.
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Issue 39 from Micro Cornucopia.
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Contents of the MAN-JUL.DOC file

This program supports an article on fractals in Micro Cornucopia issue #39.
I've only taken the code far enough to allow convenient generation of the sets.
The following problems WILL cause trouble for the sloppy typist (like me):

-no error checking on numeric inputs
-doesn't check for existing file when saving a screen
-doesn't check for existing file when viewing a saved file. This is
particularly ugly since the user gets a text error message while still
in graphics mode. Do a to recover.

HERCLIB.C is required for compilation. As set up, it should be located in
your main TURBOC sub-directory. HERCLIB is a collection of Hercules graphics
functions from the same issue of Micro C.

I used Turbo C version 1.5 compact model for compilation.

This program will only run on Herc or Herc clone systems. To use it on a CGA
system (waste of time due to poor resolution) or an EGA system (good idea -
looks cool with all those colors) edit HERCLIB to use the BIOS graphics calls
or call your own graphics library. Be sure to change max_colors to reflect the
number of colors available on your system. Of course max_col and max_row need
to be changed in HERCLIB as well.

12-1-87 Larry Fogg Happy Holidays !!!

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