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An Editor for the FMS system in RBBS

FMSED was written to assist with the maintenance of the master directory
used in the FMS system. Its goal is to keep the work involved with the master
directory as simple as possible.


The master directory is assumed to have between 40 - 46 columns reserved
for the file comments field. The directory category file expects to have only
1 category code for each category name. With the release of 16.1A, multiple
catetory codes were allowed for each category name. In future upgrades to
this program (if there are any), this last item may be resolved. For the time
being as far as the directory category file is concerned, name a seperate
version of that file for use only by FMSED with the lines containing multiple
category codes being deleted from the file.

Users of V1.0 -

Because of major changes in the configuration file for FMSED, you will
need to record the file names and paths used in your current setting, erase
the old parameter file and have FMSED create a new one for you. I hated to do
this but because of new features incorporated into FMSED V1.1, there was no
other choice.

New Features in V1.1 -

Some minor problems have been corrected in V1.0. Some were not apparent
unless you did the right combination of functions. Color support has been
added, this will help those users who are running on a monochrome system or
are using a CGA or compatible video display board and a composite single color
monitor. At the request of Loren Jones of RBBS Chicago, a file flag options
has been incorporated to allow the sysop to flag a file with the character of
their choice (one character before the beginning of the file description
field) to indicate that that file requires a certain level of access to be
downloaded or that this file is one that can be downloaded by new users before
they have full system access, etc. The length of the file description field
is now adjustable between 40 - 46 characters in length. The path to the
required files for FMSED is now entered only once. The drawback to this is
that the new files directory must reside in the same area as the master
directory and In the next release of FMSED, I can see the need to
have multiple screen configuration option. Prompts for action that you need
to take when using the program (i.e. what keys to use when the menus are on
the screen) are displayed at the bottom of the screen.


With the release of FMSED, joining the family of programs that I have
written (FMSDIR & FMSVIEW), I will be setting up a conference for those of you
who are using these programs. Announcements of new releases of current as
well as new programs will be made here, bug reports and other items of
interest. You are encouraged to use the A)nswer Questionaire option on my
board (Bluegrass RBBS 606-272-0499) and register your use of these programs.
This will accomplish 2 purposes, it will let me know who is using the programs
and how popular they are. While I make no guarantees that the problems
reported will be fixed or that suggestions for improvements will be included,
I will make the effort to make the programs as user friendly as possible.

Use of the Program:

Main Menu:

Add File Option:

When selecting this option, you will be presented a sub-menu of
options. The keyboard option will accept information directly from the
keyboard when adding files to the master directory. The option is also
presented to accept file information from an ascii file.
The ascii file option is especially useful when adding many new files
as one time. The ascii file is created directly from the dos prompt.
Assuming that you have a subdirectory on your C drive called new, you would
type the following from the dos prompt (taking into account you are already in
the new subdirectory) - "DIR C:\NEW > NEW.DIR". On the configuration menu,
there is an option referencing the number of lines to skip in this file. This
has to do with bypassing the number of lines at the top of the ascii file
which would show on your screen as pertaining to the volume label of the
drive and the current subdirectory being listed.
You are given an option during the ascii file option to skip the file that
you are presented for editing and can leave the add option at any time.
You have the option for using the file's current date or inserting the
current date from the system clock. If you forget to insert a 0 in front of
the date of months 1 to 9, FMSED will do that for you.
No longer do you have to remember the code for the category name you wish
to associate the entry with, you are presented with a menu of category names.
Just select the name of the category and the code will be inserted.

Delete File Option:

You can select the file entry to be deleted by record number, or by
advancing forward and backward thru the master directory. A sub-menu is
displayed with these options. Before you proceed to this point, the master
directory file is automatically backed up before you are allowed to do
anything that will alter the structure of the file. The saved version of the
master directory file will have the extension ".BAK". The master directory
is backed up only once prior to the first file being deleted.

Display File Option:

This option gives you a non-destructive view in the master directory file.
Nothing fancy but it was included to provide what help it could.

Edit File Option:

The file to be edited is first selected. You then confirm that you want
to edit the file and are then given the option to edit a particular field or
all fields pertaining to that record.

Print Master Directory Option:

This routine was included to print out the master directory without having
to exit the program.

Verify Master Directory Option:

This is a quick and dirty check of the master directory. Since the
Config program has such an extensive checking routine, it was not included

Backup Master Directory Option:

This routine is called when you are going to delete record from the
master directory file. It is included here for your use at any time desired.


Here is where the drive, path and name of the master directory, category
name file, ascii input file and number of lines to skip in the ascii file,
length of the file description field and colors used in the program can be


1.0 - Initially released in April, 1988. An attempt to simplify the
maintenance involved on the FMS system in RBBS.

1.1 - Released August, 1988. Some minor problems fixed. Color is now
adjustable for the user. The length of the file description field is
adjustable. On screen prompts were added to help in knowing what keys to use
during the course of the program.

This program was developed and run on a Pc compatible using Desqview 2.01. No
file locking is done on the master directory file. Any future changes to
FMSED will be dependent on your suggestions and my time.

The latest version of this and other programs that I write will be available
on my board (Bluegrass RBBS 606-272-0499), Loren's board CHICAGO RBBS, Ken
Goosen's board, IBMCOM forum on Compuserve and Public Domain Software Library
in Indianapolis, In.

I hope that you benefit from this program and that it helps keep the
maintenance of your board to a minimum !!

Ronald Nutter
Bluegrass RBBS 606-272-0499
1132 Mt. Rushmore Way
Lexington,Ky 40502-5459

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Archive   : FMSED2.ZIP
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