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Filename : TEXTBOX.H

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// ------------- textbox.h

#ifndef TEXTBOX_H
#define TEXTBOX_H

#include "control.h"

const int SHORTCUTCHAR = '~';
const int InitialBufferSize = 1024;

class ScrollBar;

class TextBox : public Control {
ScrollBar *hscrollbar; // horizontal scroll bar
ScrollBar *vscrollbar; // vertical scroll bar
unsigned *TextPointers; // -> list of line offsets
Bool resetscrollbox;
// ---- text buffer
String *text; // window text
unsigned int bufflen; // length of buffer
int wlines; // number of lines of text
unsigned int textlen; // text length
int textwidth; // width of longest line in textbox
// ---- text display
int wtop; // text line on top of display
int wleft; // left position in window viewport
int BlkBegLine; // beginning line of marked block
int BlkBegCol; // beginning column of marked block
int BlkEndLine; // ending line of marked block
int BlkEndCol; // ending column of marked block
int shortcutfg; // shortcut key color
char *TextLine(int line)
{ return (char *)(*text) + *(TextPointers+line); }
int DisplayShortcutField(
String sc, int x, int y, int fg, int bg);
void WriteShortcutLine(int lno, int fg, int bg);
void WriteTextLine(int lno, int fg, int bg);
void BuildTextPointers();
void SetScrollBoxes();
virtual void SetColors();
TextBox(char *ttl,int lf,int tp,int ht,int wd,DFWindow *par)
: Control(ttl, lf, tp, ht, wd, par)
{ OpenWindow(); }
TextBox(char *ttl, int ht, int wd, DFWindow *par)
: Control(ttl, ht, wd, par)
{ OpenWindow(); }
TextBox(int lf, int tp, int ht, int wd, DFWindow *par)
: Control(lf, tp, ht, wd, par)
{ OpenWindow(); }
TextBox(int ht, int wd, DFWindow *par) : Control(ht,wd,par)
{ OpenWindow(); }
TextBox(char *ttl) : Control(ttl)
{ OpenWindow(); }
virtual ~TextBox()
{ if (windowstate != CLOSED) CloseWindow(); }
// -------- textbox API messages
virtual void ScrollUp();
virtual void ScrollDown();
virtual void ScrollRight();
virtual void ScrollLeft();
virtual void PageUp();
virtual void PageDown();
virtual void PageRight();
virtual void PageLeft();
virtual void Home();
virtual void End();
virtual void OpenWindow();
virtual void CloseWindow();
virtual void AddText(char *txt);
virtual void SetText(char *txt);
virtual void SetTextLength(unsigned int len);
virtual void ClearText();
virtual void Show();
virtual void Paint();
virtual void Keyboard(int key);
String ExtractTextLine(int lno);
void ClearTextBlock()
{ BlkBegLine=BlkEndLine=BlkBegCol=BlkEndCol=0; }
void HorizontalPagePosition(int pct);
void VerticalPagePosition(int pct);