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Filename : BUTTON.H

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// ----------- button.h

#ifndef BUTTON_H
#define BUTTON_H

#include "textbox.h"

class PushButton : public TextBox {
virtual void SetColors();
Bool pressed;
DFWindow *owner; // window that gets the command
void (DFWindow::*cmdfunction)(); // selection function
PushButton(char *lbl, int lf, int tp, DFWindow *par);
virtual ~PushButton()
{ if (windowstate != CLOSED) CloseWindow(); }
// -------- API messages
virtual void OpenWindow();
virtual void CloseWindow();
virtual Bool SetFocus();
virtual void ResetFocus();
virtual void Paint();
virtual void Shadow();
virtual void Keyboard(int key);
virtual void LeftButton(int mx, int my);
virtual void ButtonReleased(int mx, int my);
virtual void MouseMoved(int mx, int my);
virtual void KeyReleased();
void PressButton();
void ReleaseButton();
void ButtonCommand();
void SetButtonFunction(DFWindow *wnd,
void (DFWindow::*cmdfunc)())
{ owner = wnd; cmdfunction = cmdfunc; }