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PC Magazine utility to let you send binary files of <= 60K through E-mail services which do not allow binary transfer.
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PC Magazine utility to let you send binary files of <= 60K through E-mail services which do not allow binary transfer.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

DEBUGSCR, a PC Magazine utility copyright by Michael J. Mefford,
allows you to create ascii files from binary files which can then
be transferred over E-Mail systems like MCI Mail and ARPAnet
which do not normally support binary transfer. It will only work
with MS-DOS systems.


DEBUGSCR filespec [/n]
DEBUG < filespec


Use the first command shown above to create a DEBUGSCR script
file form a binary file (.COM, .EXE, or .WKS for example) named
in the filespec. An alternative drive and path can be specified.
The script file is automatically given an .SCR extension and is
placed in the same directory as the original file. This file
consists of an ASCII hex representation of the original binary
file along with the commands DEBUG needs to recreate the original
file. This .SCR file will be about 3.75 times the size of the
original file. The script file ends with appropriate
instructions to the recipient. These instructions are ignored by
DEBUG and can be suppressed by using the optional /N switch.

The .scr file can be edited with a pure Ascii word processor
before transmission to append additional information, such as a
description of the file. Before converting the .SCR file back to
a binary file, these comments and any header prefixed to the file
by the communication service, like the MCI Mail's TO: heading,
must be deleted by a pure Ascii word processor. The SCR file is
then reconverted to a binary file by using the second command
line listed above.


This command can be used successfully with files up to 60K in
size. Larger exe and com files can be translated into ascii
format, but DEBUG will be unable to transform them back into
working files.

DEBUG will not write a filename with an .EXE extension to disk.
DEBUGSCR strips this extension and appends a warning to the
receiver that after using DEBUG he must rename the file with its
proper .EXE extension.

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