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July 92 listings for Dr. Dobbs Journal.
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July 92 listings for Dr. Dobbs Journal.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ACCESS.TXT 2385 855 deflated
ACOMP.ARC 230760 216330 deflated
ACOMP.ASC 20824 6252 deflated
ARCE.COM 5710 4079 deflated
AVK.ASC 23308 6290 deflated
AVKCAPT.ZIP 43408 40274 deflated
DFLAT.792 26192 4888 deflated
FILTER.ARC 30481 28819 deflated
FILTER.ASC 19934 5435 deflated
GRPHPROG.ASC 15316 4184 deflated
HPPL15.LIS 624 331 deflated
LETTERS.ASC 2221 900 deflated
QUICKT.ARC 10011 9752 deflated
QUICKT.ASC 22442 5772 deflated
README.ASC 6048 2083 deflated
README.BAK 6144 2085 deflated
STRUCPRG.ASC 680 348 deflated
TWAIN.MAC 273126 271006 deflated
TWAIN.ZIP 140444 132683 deflated
VIEWER.ARC 10478 10238 deflated
VIEWER.ASC 19719 5426 deflated
WPAPER.TXT 14772 5558 deflated
XSHRP20.ZIP 106496 102455 deflated

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Contents of the ACCESS.TXT file

ACCESS.TXT v3/27/92

Find in this document information on odering the TWAIN
toolkit, TWAIN support, and Gatewaying between various
e-mail services. This material is from Chapter 7 of the
TWAIN Toolkit-Relase v1.0.

Order the TWAIN Toolkit and Disk by calling
1-800-722-0379. Cost (as of 3/92) was about


Aldus via gateway via gateway GO ALDSVC
Dvlpr's Corner (Sect 10)
Caere via gateway [email protected] via gateway
HP pending [email protected] GO HPPER
TWAIN Library
Logitech LOGITECH.ISV [email protected] via gateway
Kodak via gateway [email protected] via gateway


Company Phone Fax
Aldus 206.628.6593 206.343.4240
Caere 408.395.5148x5600 408.354.2743
HP 303.350.4830 303.350.4631
Logitech 510.713.5338 n/a
Kodak 716.724.1682 n/a

AppleLink to CompuServe (CIS ID)
AppleLink to Internet (Internet address)@INTERNET#
Internet to AppleLink (AL address)
Internet to CompuServe (CIS ID)
CompuServe to AppleLink >INTERNET:(AL address)
CompuServe to Internet >INTERNET:(Internet Address)

Note: Use the SEND command in CompuServe Mail. The TO:
address for the message must be prefixed with ">INTERNET:"
followd by the address of the recipient. There is a 50-kbyte
or 1000 line limit to messages gatewayed from CIS.


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