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Source and EXE files form Dr Dobbs Journal - 05/94 Part 4.
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Source and EXE files form Dr Dobbs Journal – 05/94 Part 4.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The MMURTL (tm) Computer Operating System Version x0.8

This file describes:
What you have,
Where it is,
Where it's going,
What you can do with it,
What you can't do with it, and
Where to begin...

The meaning of life,
however, still remains a
mystery (at least to me).

First, let's get the legalese out of the way:
Copyright (c) 1991-1993, Richard A. Burgess
All Rights Reserved
All program source files and text documentation
listed below are provided to you courtesy of
R.A. Burgess via various distribution mediums
as determined by the staff of DR DOBB'S JOURNAL.
You have my permission to use portions of the
source code (algorithms and code sections)
in your commercial and personal programming
projects, and for educational purposes. The only
restriction placed on its use is that it may
NOT be used in a commercial computer operating
system or embedded systems kernel (sold for profit
or not), or distributed commercially, in whole or
part, as a computer operating system or embedded
systems kernel (for profit or not). Only DR DOBB'S
journal has been given my permission to distribute
this version of the code in source, object, or
executable format. This is NOT "shareware",
NOR is it "public domain".

Please abide by this copyright (thanks).


We provide absolutely NO warranty, to the extent permitted
by applicable state law. Except when otherwise stated in
writing, MMURTL is provided "AS IS" without warranty of
any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not
limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and
fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to
the quality and performance of MMURTL is with you.
Should MMURTL prove defective, you assume the cost of all
necessary servicing, repair or correction.

In no event, unless required by applcable law, will
R.A. Burgess or The D-Group be liable to you for damages,
including lost profits, lost monies, or other special,
incidental or consequential damages arising from the use or
inability to use MMURTL (including but not limited to loss
of data or data rendered inaccurate, or losses sustained
by third parties or a failure of the program to operate
with any other programs), even if you have been advised
of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any
other party.


********** WHAT YOU HAVE:

The source code, executables, utilities, and
programs are all part of the MMURTL computer
operating system development effort (version
x0.8). MMURTL is a 32 bit, message based,
multitasking, multithreaded, real-time,
microcomputer operating system designed
specifically to run on Intel PC-ISA platforms
(even underpowered ones!). The main goal
of the MMURTL project is SIMPLICITY.

The 'x' in the version number indicates
that this is not a complete package. The system
is still under development. We are currently
at version x0.95. However, we have decided to
provide you with this version because x0.95
is about as stable as a beach ball in a

PLEASE NOTE that this version has only had basic
testing done on it, and because of its complexity,
YOUR DATA MAY BE AT RISK. The real value of
this source code is in its content, not the
product it currently produces. Users will not
understand this, but programmers surely will.

This code and documentation is provided to you
for your enjoyment and use so long as you abide
by the legalese above.
To better understand what MMURTL is, you should
read the Intro & Architecture sections of the
MMURTL documentation (provided with the rest
of the files as ASCII text - XXXXXX.doc).

********** WHERE IT IS:

Version 1.0 of MMURTL is almost completed. We're
killing bugs at a pace that would make the Orkin
man proud. This version (x0.8) is completely
cooperative multitasking. Some of the documentation
is ahead of this version as far as capabilities
described (but not too far). The final version
will be preemptive based on prioritized messaging,
but not completely time-sliced (or we loose our
real-time capabilities).

********** WHERE IT'S GOING:

When version 1 is completed (late this summer),
the basic MMURTL operating system and utilites
will be distributed free of charge to those who
want it (via online services, BBSs, or directly
from The D-Group).
It will include the basic device drivers, development
software, and everything else you need to use MMURTL.

The complete MMURTL package (including all source
code) will be available as an Operating System Kit.
Yes, kind of unique, but it will be useful for those
that know what to do with it. Imagine... Your own
high performance file system!

The kit will be useful for anyone interested in systems
programming, PC-ISA hardware control, multitasking,
multithreaded operating systems, and so on. It will
also be of value to educational institutions as an
inexpensive, comprehensive method to introduce message
based real-time operating systems to students.
One of the best things about the MMURTL OS Kit will be
its price. Under $100.00 including all heavily
commented source code and printed manuals that include
complete theory of operation.
There will also be educational and group discounts.

In this distribution (via DDJ),
we have included CM32 (tm) which is an
MS-DOS based C compiler, and DASM (tm) which
is an MS-DOS based 32 bit assembler for the
Intel 386 compatible processors. Both
of these products were written specifically
for the development of the MMURTL operating
system. They are now in the process of being
ported to MMURTL and completed (yes, they need
a lot of work too).

Stay tuned to this channel for more info...


Version x0.8 is not a complete OS. The introductory
article in DDJ touched on how we manage memory in
MMURTL. The real power is in the messaging as you
will read in the architecture section of the
documentation. A small article could never have
done it justice (besides, who's got the time?).
If you are a systems programmer (or even a serious
computer hobbyist) and you work with
ISA hardware or are learning Intel based 32 bit
assembly language, portions of this code will be
extemely useful to you. We do not pretend to
have a complete product here. It is provided more
for the code itself than the value as a computer
operating system.

That's it in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy it,
learn something, and find it useful.

Simple installation instructions are
at the end of the FILES.TXT file.


Simply abide by the "legalese" above and it is
up to you...

*********** WHERE TO BEGIN:

If you read this file first, you got off to a
good start (ReadMe.1st).

The next file you should look into is README.2ND
which contains more specific information on this
version concerning what's not in it, what BUGS we
know of, and what to avoid.

The next file you should look through
is FILES.TXT which lists ALL the files included
in this distribution.
A brief description is included for each file and the
list is made to help you see how the MMURTL
development effort is organized.

-------------------- End of File ----------------

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