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Dr Dobbs Journal for Mar 94.
File DDJ9403.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Dr Dobbs Journal for Mar 94.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1993-APR.DIR 1048 509 deflated
1993-APR.ZIP 35840 34720 deflated
DIFFCOMP.ARC 39677 38029 deflated
DIFFCOMP.DIR 1150 439 deflated
OS2WPS.ARC 12668 12446 deflated
OS2WPS.DIR 1630 568 deflated
README 742 337 deflated
README.ASC 2994 1014 deflated
STEREO.ARC 19610 17940 deflated
STEREO.DIR 670 289 deflated
WAVELET.ARC 126119 120677 deflated
WAVELET.DIR 3390 1079 deflated

Download File DDJ9403.ZIP Here

Contents of the README file

See the README.ASC file for descriptions of some of the files available
here. This file describes the organization of this directory.

Files in the April, 1993 directory:

README.ASCDescriptions of DDJ listings files

diffcomp.dirDirectory of the diffcomp.arc file

os2wps.dirDirectory of the os2wps.arc file

stereo.dirDirectory of the stereo.arc file

wavelet.dirDirectory of the wavelet.arc file

1993-apr.dirRemainder of the April 1993 files
1993-apr.zipDirectory of the file

Note: The latest version of continuing projects (e.g., dflat and xsharp) can
be found in the ddj/packages directory

The latest version of dflat can be found in the March '93 archive.

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