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June 1987 Dr. Dobbs Journal source listing.
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June 1987 Dr. Dobbs Journal source listing.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BBS.L1 780 343 deflated
BBS.L10 1092 470 deflated
BBS.L2 1761 788 deflated
BBS.L3 1304 614 deflated
BBS.L4 1010 471 deflated
BBS.L5 1393 663 deflated
BBS.L6 2799 1217 deflated
BBS.L7 2734 1045 deflated
BBS.L8 1860 799 deflated
BBS.L9 900 436 deflated
BROWNLST.JUN 7286 2608 deflated
DUNCAN.EXP 4750 1851 deflated
EXCOM.ASM 20518 5701 deflated
EXCOM.COM 2869 1011 deflated
EXCOM.TXT 5080 2181 deflated
EXMODE.C 4727 1732 deflated
EXMODE.EXE 11732 7194 deflated
HOLUBLST.JUN 19541 5876 deflated
MCMAHON.JUN 10233 3420 deflated
MUSSLST.JUN 2025 626 deflated
READ.ME 1536 707 deflated
README.JUN 1536 707 deflated
TELLOLST.JUN 3732 865 deflated
VIEWPOIN.EXP 2867 932 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The June 1987 listings for Dr. Dobb's Journal of Software
Tools are on this disk.

BBS.L1-L10 are from the article A Unix BBS Using
Shell Scripts by Jan L. Harrington. It begins on
page 54 and the listings begin on page 80.

BROWNLST.JUN is from An Efficient Algorithm for
Priority Queues. Written by Robert Jay Brown,
this article begins on page 16, and the listings begin
on page 18.

DUNCAN.EXP is from the column 16-bit Software Toolbox
by Ray Duncan. It starts on page 112 with the examples

and README are from the article An Extended
IBM-PC COM Port Driver by Thomas Zimniewicz and
begins on page 42. The listings begin on page 64.

HOLUBLST.JUN is from Allen Holub's C-Chest. It begins on
page 102 with the listings beginning on page 96.

MCMAHON.JUN is from the article Dynamic Memory Overlays for
Turbo Pascal by Steve McMahon. Article: p. 50, listings:
p. 78.

MUSSLST.JUN is from Two-Bit Analog-to-Digital Conversion
by John Musselman. The article begins on page 22 with
the examples included.

TELLOLST.JUN is from the column Artificial Intelligence by
Ernest R. Tello. The article begins on page 116 and the
listings begin on page 98.

VIEWPOINT.EXP is from the Viewpoint forum by Brian R.
Anderson. This begins on page 14 with the examples

Enjoy Yourself!

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