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Filename : WIN386.ASC

Output of file : WIN386.ASC contained in archive : DDJ0992.ZIP

by Brett Salter


; winx.asm - exception handler for windows 3.x
.386p ; 386 protect mode
wincs equ 28h ; windows ring 0 cs
winds equ 30h ; windows ring 0 ds
include ; general Periscope equates
include ; all of these
include ; are from the
include ; windows ddk
include ; ...
include ; ...
; device descriptor block
Declare_Virtual_Device WINX, 3, 0, VAD_Control, Undefined_Device_ID, VMM_Init_Order \ , , VAD_PM_Svc_Call
; ****************************************************************************
VxD_Locked_Data_Seg ; data segment
datastart equ $ ; symbol for start of data
; global data follows
psport dw 0 ; Periscope Model IV port number
currow db 0 ; cursor row (0-24)
curcol db 0 ; cursor column (0-79)
showregs db 0 ; 1 when we have something to show
usemono db 0 ; 1 when output to mono screen
monosave db 0 ; 1 when saving mono screen
winmsg db 1 ; 1 when output to windows screen

hextable db '0123456789ABCDEF' ; hex conversion table
even ; gdt/idt/ldt data
gdtlimit dw 0 ; global descriptor table limit
gdtbase dd 0 ; and base
idtlimit dw 0 ; interrupt descriptor table limit
idtbase dd 0 ; and base
ldtvalue dw 0 ; value of local descriptor table
ldtlimit dw 0 ; and limit
tssvalue dw 0 ; value of task state selector
; original interrupt values
origint6 df 0 ; illegal opcode
origint8 df 0 ; double fault
originta df 0 ; invalid tss
origintb df 0 ; segment not present
origintc df 0 ; stack fault
origintd df 0 ; general protection fault
originte df 0 ; page fault
origirq1 df 0 ; original keyboard interrupt
align 4
jumptable dd offset32 p206,offset32 origint6 ; control table
dd 0,0 ; dummy for interrupt 7
dd offset32 p208,offset32 origint8
dd 0,0 ; dummy for interrupt 9
dd offset32 p20a,offset32 originta
dd offset32 p20b,offset32 origintb
dd offset32 p20c,offset32 origintc
dd offset32 p20d,offset32 origintd
dd offset32 p20e,offset32 originte
intlistlen equ 9 ; number of interrupts in above list
intlist db '060708090a0b0c0d0e' ; list of 9 exception vecs
; keep the following together
hookint06 db 1 ; all but interrupts 7 and 9
hookint07 db 0 ; get hooked by default
hookint08 db 1
hookint09 db 0
hookint0a db 1
hookint0b db 1
hookint0c db 1
hookint0d db 1
hookint0e db 1
; end of keep together
intgate dw 0ee00h ; value for interrupt gate, dpl=3
keystrokes dw 0 ; keystroke count
errorcode dd 0 ; error code on interrupts 8 and higher
inttype dw 0 ; interrupt type
exitaddr df 0 ; original interrupt address as 16:32 ptr
align 4
; original registers
saveeax dd 0 ; original eax
saveebx dd 0 ; original ebx
saveecx dd 0 ; original ecx
saveedx dd 0 ; original edx
saveesp dd 0 ; original esp
saveebp dd 0 ; original ebp
saveesi dd 0 ; original esi
saveedi dd 0 ; original edi
saveeip dd 0 ; original eip
saveefl dd 0 ; original eflags
saveds dw 0 ; original ds
savees dw 0 ; original es
savess dw 0 ; original ss
savecs dw 0 ; original cs
savefs dw 0 ; original fs
savegs dw 0 ; original gs
; instruction prefixes - these opcodes are ignored
; when searching for the start of an instruction
prelist db 026h,02eh,036h,03eh,064h,065h,066h,067h,0f0h,0f2h,0f3h
prelistlen dd 11
; legal opcodes for int b - pass these on thru to the original handler
intblist db 0fh ; improve later to catch only
; 0f/b2, 0f/b4, 0f/b5
db 063h ; arpl
db 09ah ; far call
db 0c4h,0c5h ; les/lds ... used by visual basic
db 0cah,0cbh ; retf
db 0eah ; far jmp
db 0f4h ; hlt
db 0fah,0fbh ; cli/sti
db 0ffh ; various
intblistlen dd 12
; legal opcodes for int d - pass these on thru to the original handler
intdlist db 06ch,06dh,06eh,06fh ; in/out
db 09ah ; far call
db 09ch ; pushf
db 09dh ; popf
db 0cch,0cdh,0ceh ; int x
db 0cfh ; iret
db 0e4h,0e5h,0e6h,0e7h ; in/out
db 0ech,0edh,0eeh,0efh ; in/out
db 0f4h ; hlt
db 0fah,0fbh ; cli/sti
intdlistlen dd 22
opcode db 8 dup(0) ; save the opcode bytes here
opcodecs dw 0 ; cs for opcodes
opcodeeip dd 0 ; eip for opcodes
explcount equ 7 ; number of interrupt descriptions
expllen equ 20 ; length of each interrupt description
explanations equ $ ; 1 byte for type, 20 bytes for text
db 06h,'Invalid opcode '
db 08h,'Double fault '
db 0ah,'Invalid TSS '
db 0bh,'Segment not present '
db 0ch,'Stack exception '
db 0dh,'General protection '
db 0eh,'Page fault '
modep db 'Protect' ; mode can be Protect or V86 only - we'll
modev86 db 'V86 ' ; never seel Real mode here
; start of display area
regline1 db cr,lf,'Interrupt '
xinttype db '..h - '
xexplain db '....................'
db ' Mode='
xmode db '....... Ring='
xring db '.'
db cr,lf
regline2 db 'Error code='
errorno db '0000 0000 Opcodes='
xopcode db '.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..'
db cr,lf
db cr,lf
regline3 db 'eax='
regeax db '.... .... '
db 'ebx='
regebx db '.... .... '
db 'ecx='
regecx db '.... .... '
db 'edx='
regedx db '.... ....'
db cr,lf
regline4 db 'ebp='
regebp db '.... .... '
db 'efl='
regefl db '.... .... '
db ' fs='
regfs db '.... '
db ' gs='
reggs db '....'
db cr,lf
regline5 db 'eip='
regeip db '.... .... '
db 'esp='
regesp db '.... .... '
db 'esi='
regesi db '.... .... '
db 'edi='
regedi db '.... ....'
db cr,lf
regline6 db 'cs='
regcs db '.... '
db ' ss='
regss db '.... '
db ' ds='
regds db '.... '
db ' es='
reges db '....'
db cr,lf
db cr,lf
regline7 db 'cr0='
regcr0 db '.... .... '
db 'cr2='
regcr2 db '.... .... '
db 'cr3='
regcr3 db '.... ....'
db cr,lf
regline8 db 'gdt='
gdtb db '.... ..../'
gdtl db '.... '
db 'ldt='
ldtw db '.... '
db 'idt='
idtb db '.... ..../'
idtl db '.... '
db 'tss='
tssw db '....'
db cr,lf
regend db 0,'$'
; end of display area
; messages
pause db 'Press a key to continue ...',0
crlf db cr,lf,0
periscopeid db 'WINX (Windows Exception Handler)'
db 0
align 4
monoscreen dw 80*25 dup(0) ; save the mono screen here
VxD_Locked_Data_Ends ; end of data segment
; ****************************************************************************
VxD_Locked_Code_Seg ; code segment
codestart equ $ ; symbol for start of code
; device control procedure
VAD_Control proc near ; control table
Control_Dispatch Sys_Critical_Init, VAD_Sys_Crit_Init ; phase 1
Control_Dispatch Device_Init, VAD_Device_Init ; phase 2
Control_Dispatch Init_Complete, VAD_Init_Complete ; phase 3
Control_Dispatch Create_VM, VAD_Create_VM
clc ; no errors
VAD_Control endp
beginproc VAD_Get_Version, SERVICE
mov eax,300h
clc ; no errors
endproc VAD_Get_Version
VAD_PM_Svc_Call proc near
VAD_PM_Svc_Call endp
align 4
p006 proc near ; int 6 handler
push eax
mov al,6
jmp short p020 ; to handler
p006 endp
align 4
p008 proc near ; int 8 handler
push eax
mov al,8
jmp short p020 ; to handler
p008 endp
align 4
p00a proc near ; int a handler
push eax
mov al,0ah
jmp short p020 ; to handler
p00a endp
align 4
p00b proc near ; int b handler
push eax
mov al,0bh
jmp short p020 ; to handler
p00b endp
align 4
p00c proc near ; int c handler
push eax
mov al,0ch
jmp short p020 ; to handler
p00c endp
align 4
p00d proc near ; int d handler
push eax
mov al,0dh
jmp short p020 ; to handler
p00d endp
align 4
p00e proc near ; int e handler
push eax
mov al,0eh
jmp short p020 ; to handler
p00e endp
align 4
p013 proc near ; irq 1 handler
; this routine hooks the keyboard; it is used only to count
; the number of keystrokes coming through
@save eax,ds
mov ax,winds
mov ds,ax
inc keystrokes ; count keystrokes
jmp cs:[origirq1] ; pass control onto prior handler
p013 endp
align 4
p020 proc near ; exception handler
; this is the common entry point for all exception handlers
push ds ; save registers
push es
push ebp
cld ; up!
push eax
mov ax,winds
mov ds,ax ; set ds to windows ring 0 ds
pop eax
mov ah,0
mov inttype,ax ; save interrupt type
mov ebp,esp ; save registers
mov eax,[ebp] ; 0=ebp,4=es,8=ds,12=eax,16=error/eip
mov saveebp,eax ; save ebp
mov ax,[ebp+4] ; get es from stack
mov savees,ax ; save es
mov ax,[ebp+8] ; get ds from stack
mov saveds,ax ; save ds
mov eax,[ebp+12] ; get eax from stack
mov saveeax,eax ; save eax
mov saveebx,ebx ; save ebx
mov saveecx,ecx ; save ecx
mov saveedx,edx ; save edx
mov saveesi,esi ; save esi
mov saveedi,edi ; save edi
mov savefs,fs ; save fs
mov savegs,gs ; save gs
mov ebp,esp
add ebp,16 ; point to eip/error
mov errorcode,0 ; clear error code
cmp inttype,8 ; error code?
jb short p020a ; no
mov eax,[ebp] ; get error code
mov errorcode,eax ; save error code
add ebp,4
p020a: mov eax,[ebp] ; get eip from stack
mov saveeip,eax ; save eip
mov ax,[ebp+4] ; get cs from stack
mov savecs,ax ; save cs
mov eax,[ebp+8] ; get flags from stack
mov saveefl,eax ; save flags
mov savess,ss
mov eax,ebp ; get sp
add eax,12 ; skip eip, cs, & flags
mov saveesp,eax ; save esp
test saveefl,bit17on ; v86 mode?
jnz short p020d ; yes
test savecs,3 ; ring 0 cs?
jz short p020b ; yes
mov eax,[ebp+12] ; get esp from stack
mov saveesp,eax ; save esp
mov ax,[ebp+16] ; get ss from stack
mov savess,ax ; save ss
test saveefl,bit17on ; v86 mode?
jz short p020b ; no
mov ax,[ebp+20] ; get es from stack
mov savees,ax ; save es
mov ax,[ebp+24] ; get ds from stack
mov saveds,ax ; save ds
mov ax,[ebp+28] ; get fs from stack
mov savefs,ax ; save fs
mov ax,[ebp+32] ; get gs from stack
mov savegs,ax ; save gs
p020b: pushad ; a bit redundant, but it's small
call p200 ; check exceptions
jnc short p020x ; ok - skip display
mov dx,psport ; get Periscope port
cmp dx,0 ; valid?
jz short p020c ; no
mov al,0dbh
out dx,al ; stop Periscope Model IV trace
p020c: call p950 ; display registers
mov showregs,1 ; indicate we have something to show
p020x: popad ; pop all registers
pop ebp
pop es
pop ds
pop eax
jmp fword ptr cs:[exitaddr] ; pass control on to original handler
p020 endp
align 4
p200 proc near ; check exceptions
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
movzx eax,inttype ; get interrupt type
sub eax,6 ; table starts at int 6
shl eax,3 ; times 8
mov esi,[jumptable+eax+4]
mov edi,offset32 exitaddr
movsd ; copy original int to exitaddr
jmp [jumptable+eax] ; handle the interrupt
p200 endp
align 4
p206 proc near ; handle int 6 - illegal instruction
call p220 ; get opcode in al
cmp al,63h ; arpl instruction? (ms patented technique!)
jz short p206n ; yes - don't show registers
mov ax,word ptr opcode
cmp ax,0ff0fh ; 0f ff opcode? (ms special case)
jz short p206n ; yes - don't show registers
stc ; show registers
p206n: clc ; don't show registers
p206 endp
align 4
p208 proc near ; handle int 8 - double fault
stc ; show registers on all int 8
p208 endp
align 4
p20a proc near ; handle int a - invalid tss
stc ; show registers on all int a
p20a endp
align 4
p20b proc near ; handle int b - segment not present
test saveefl,bit17on ; v86 mode?
jnz short p20bs ; yes - show registers
call p220 ; get opcode in al
mov edi,offset32 intblist
mov ecx,intblistlen
repnz scasb ; search for opcode
jnz short p20bs ; no match
p20bn: clc ; don't show registers
p20bs: stc ; show registers
p20b endp
align 4
p20c proc near ; handle int c - stack fault
stc ; show registers on all int c
p20c endp
align 4
p20d proc near ; handle int d - general protection fault
call p220 ; get opcode in al
mov edi,offset32 intdlist
mov ecx,intdlistlen
cmp al,0cdh ; get an int?
jz short p20dc ; yes
repnz scasb ; search for opcode
jnz short p20ds ; no match
p20dn: clc ; don't show registers
p20ds: stc ; show registers
p20dc: ; expand to handle individual interrupts as needed
jmp p20dn
p20d endp
align 4
p20e proc near ; handle int e - page fault
clc ; don't show registers
p20e endp
align 4
p220 proc near ; get opcode byte in register al
test saveefl,bit17on ; v86 mode?
jz short p220a ; no
movzx ebx,savecs ; get opcode address for v86 mode
shl ebx,4 ; times 16
add ebx,saveeip ; plus eip
mov opcodecs,ds ; use flat selector
mov opcodeeip,ebx ; and our derived offset
jmp short p220b
mov bx,savecs ; get opcode address for protect mode
mov opcodecs,bx ; save cs
mov ebx,saveeip
mov opcodeeip,ebx ; and eip
p220b: mov edi,offset32 opcode
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
mov ecx,8
mov esi,opcodeeip
push ds
mov ds,opcodecs
rep movsb ; copy opcodes from user's cs:eip to us
pop ds
mov esi,offset32 opcode
p220c: lodsb ; get opcode byte
cmp esi,offset32 opcode+8 ; too far?
jae short p220d ; yes - bail out
mov edi,offset32 prelist ; is it a prefix byte?
mov ecx,prelistlen
repnz scasb ; search for prefix
jz p220c ; got a prefix - get next byte
p220d: ret
p220 endp
align 4
p300 proc near ; display message using Windows services
; this routine is used as a callback unless WinxNoWinMsg is used
cmp showregs,1 ; something to show?
jz short p300a ; yes
ret ; no - exit now
p300a: @save eax,ebx,ecx,esi,edi ; save registers
VMMcall Get_Cur_VM_Handle ; get handle in ebx
mov eax,mb_iconhand+mb_ok
mov ecx,offset32 regline1
xor esi,esi ; no callback
mov edi,offset32 periscopeid
VxDcall Shell_Sysmodal_Message ; display message
mov showregs,0 ; nothing to show for now
p300 endp
align 4
p880 proc near ; convert byte in al and output it to [edi]
push ebx
mov ah,0
mov ebx,offset32 hextable
shl ax,4 ; high nibble in ah
shr al,4 ; low nibble in al
xlat ; convert low nibble
xchg ah,al
xlat ; convert high nibble
mov [edi],ax ; save the result
inc edi
inc edi ; point to next output address
pop ebx
p880 endp
align 4
p885 proc near ; convert word in dx and output it to [edi]
push eax
mov al,dh
call p880 ; convert high byte
mov al,dl
call p880 ; convert low byte
pop eax
p885 endp
align 4
p889 proc near ; convert dword in edx and output it to [edi]
rol edx,16
call p885 ; convert high word
inc edi ; a space between the high and low words
rol edx,16
call p885 ; convert low word
inc edi ; a space after the low word
p889 endp
align 4
p900 proc near ; display string on mono screen
@save eax,esi,edi,es
; entry: esi points to string
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
p900d: call p905 ; calc offset
p900a: lodsb ; get next byte
cmp al,0 ; end?
jz short p900x ; yes
cmp al,cr ; cr?
jz short p900b ; yes
cmp al,lf ; lf?
jz short p900c ; yes
mov ah,0fh ; high intensity
stosw ; output it
inc curcol ; bump column number
cmp curcol,79 ; at end of screen?
jbe p900a ; no
mov curcol,0 ; line overflow
jmp short p900c ; force an lf
p900b: ; handle cr
mov curcol,0 ; column 0
jmp short p900d ; force recalc
p900c: ; handle lf
inc currow ; next row
cmp currow,25 ; on row 25?
jb short p900d ; no - force recalc
call p915 ; scroll the screen
jmp short p900d ; recalc now
p900x: @restore
p900 endp
align 4
p905 proc near ; calc offset in di using currow, curcol
@save eax,ebx,ecx
movzx eax,currow ; current row
mov cl,80*2
mul cl ; times 160
movzx ebx,curcol
shl ebx,1 ; plus (column times 2)
add eax,ebx ; gives offset relative to mono screen
add eax,0b0000h ; plus mono segment*16 gives 32-bit offset
mov edi,eax ; return result in edi
p905 endp
align 4
p910 proc near ; clear mono screen
@save eax,ecx,edi,es
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
mov ax,720h
mov edi,0b0000h
mov ecx,25*80
rep stosw ; init the screen
mov currow,cl ; set these to zero
mov curcol,cl
p910 endp
align 4
p915 proc near ; scroll mono screen
@save eax,ecx,esi,edi,es
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
mov esi,0b0000h
mov edi,esi
add esi,80*2 ; skip a line
mov ecx,24*80/2 ; dwords to copy
rep movsd ; scroll it
mov ax,0720h
mov ecx,80/2 ; dwords in a line
rep stosd ; blank last line
mov currow,24 ; now at row 24
mov curcol,cl ; colum 0
p915 endp
align 4
p950 proc near ; display registers
mov ax,inttype
mov edi,offset32 xinttype
call p880 ; convert byte
mov ax,inttype
mov ah,al ; int type in ah
mov esi,offset32 explanations ; point to interrupt descriptions
mov ecx,explcount ; number of descriptions
p950b: lodsb ; get the byte
cmp al,ah ; does it match?
jz short p950c ; yes
add esi,expllen ; add the message length
loop p950b ; and try again
jmp short p950d ; no find
p950c: mov edi,offset32 xexplain ; point to output buffer
mov ecx,expllen ; length of message
rep movsb ; copy it across
mov ax,savecs
and eax,3 ; isolate cs ring bits
add al,'0' ; convert to ascii
mov xring,al ; save it
mov esi,offset32 modep ; assume protect mode
test saveefl,bit17on ; v86 mode?
jz short p950e ; no
mov esi,offset32 modev86
mov xring,'3' ; v86 is always ring 3
p950e: mov edi,offset32 xmode ; point to output buffer
mov ecx,7
rep movsb ; copy mode across
mov edx,errorcode
mov edi,offset32 errorno
call p889 ; convert error code
mov ecx,8
mov esi,offset32 opcode ; point to opcode bytes
mov edi,offset32 xopcode
p950a: lodsb ; get byte
call p880 ; convert byte
inc edi
loop p950a ; continue
mov edx,saveeax
mov edi,offset32 regeax
call p889 ; convert eax
mov edx,saveebx
mov edi,offset32 regebx
call p889 ; convert ebx
mov edx,saveecx
mov edi,offset32 regecx
call p889 ; convert ecx
mov edx,saveedx
mov edi,offset32 regedx
call p889 ; convert edx
mov edx,saveebp
mov edi,offset32 regebp
call p889 ; convert ebp
mov edx,saveesp
mov edi,offset32 regesp
call p889 ; convert esp
mov edx,saveesi
mov edi,offset32 regesi
call p889 ; convert esi
mov edx,saveedi
mov edi,offset32 regedi
call p889 ; convert edi
mov edx,saveeip
mov edi,offset32 regeip
call p889 ; convert eip
mov edx,saveefl
mov edi,offset32 regefl
call p889 ; convert efl
mov dx,savecs
mov edi,offset32 regcs
call p885 ; convert cs
mov dx,saveds
mov edi,offset32 regds
call p885 ; convert ds
mov dx,savees
mov edi,offset32 reges
call p885 ; convert es
mov dx,savefs
mov edi,offset32 regfs
call p885 ; convert fs
mov dx,savegs
mov edi,offset32 reggs
call p885 ; convert gs
mov dx,savess
mov edi,offset32 regss
call p885 ; convert ss
mov edx,cr0
mov edi,offset32 regcr0
call p889 ; convert cr0
mov edx,cr2
mov edi,offset32 regcr2
call p889 ; convert cr2
mov edx,cr3
mov edi,offset32 regcr3
call p889 ; convert cr3
sidt fword ptr idtlimit
mov edx,idtbase ; get idt base
mov edi,offset32 idtb
call p889 ; convert idt base
mov dx,idtlimit ; get idt limit
mov edi,offset32 idtl
call p885 ; convert idt limit
sgdt fword ptr gdtlimit
mov edx,gdtbase ; get gdt base
mov edi,offset32 gdtb
call p889 ; convert gdt base
mov dx,gdtlimit ; get gdt limit
mov edi,offset32 gdtl
call p885 ; convert gdt limit
sldt ldtvalue
mov dx,ldtvalue ; get ldt
mov edi,offset32 ldtw
call p885 ; convert ldt
str tssvalue
mov dx,tssvalue ; get tss
mov edi,offset32 tssw
call p885 ; convert tss
cmp usemono,0 ; use mono screen?
jz short p950x ; no
call p960 ; save/clear mono screen if needed
mov esi,offset32 regline1
call p900 ; display registers
mov esi,offset32 pause
call p900 ; display pause msg
mov keystrokes,0 ; clear keystrokes
sti ; allow interrupts
p950l: cmp keystrokes,2 ; get 2 irq1s yet?
jb p950l ; no
mov esi,offset32 crlf
call p900 ; display a crlf
call p970 ; restore mono screen if needed
cli ; no more interrupts for now
p950x: ret
p950 endp
align 4
p960 proc near ; save/clear mono screen
cmp monosave,1 ; save it?
jnz short p960x ; no
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
mov esi,0b0000h
mov edi,offset32 monoscreen
mov ecx,80*25/2
rep movsd ; save the screen
call p910 ; clear the screen
p960x: ret
p960 endp
align 4
p970 proc near ; restore mono screen
cmp monosave,1 ; save it?
jnz short p970x ; no
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
mov esi,offset32 monoscreen
mov edi,0b0000h
mov ecx,80*25/2
rep movsd ; restore the screen
p970x: ret
p970 endp
VAD_Create_VM proc near
VAD_Create_VM endp
; ****************************************************************************
VxD_Real_Init_Seg ; init seg (real mode)
p1000 proc near
mov ah,9
mov dx,offset copyr
int 21h ; display copyright
xor ax,ax ; don't abort load
xor bx,bx ; don't exclude any pages
xor si,si ; no instance data items
xor edx,edx ; dword of reference data
p1000 endp
copyr db 'WINX (Windows Exception Handler) Version 0.88'
db cr,lf
db 'Copyright 1991, The Periscope Company, Inc. All rights reserved.'
db cr,lf,'$'
VxD_Real_Init_Ends ; init seg (real mode)
; ****************************************************************************
VxD_Idata_Seg ; init data seg (protect mode)
winxusemono db 'WinxUseMono',0 ; tokens in system.ini
winxmonosave db 'WinxMonoSave',0
winxnowinmsg db 'WinxNoWinMsg',0
winxpsport db 'PeriscopePort',0
winxnoint db 'WinxNoInt'
winxnoint2 db '..',0
; ****************************************************************************
VxD_Icode_Seg ; init code seg (protect mode)
VAD_Sys_Crit_Init proc near ; init phase 1
xor edx,edx ; pointer to default string
xor esi,esi ; look in [386enh]
mov edi,offset32 WinxUseMono
VMMcall Get_Profile_String ; search for 'WinxUseMono'
jc short p1100a ; no find
mov usemono,1 ; use mono screen
call p1120 ; init mono screen
xor edx,edx ; pointer to default string
xor esi,esi ; look in [386enh]
mov edi,offset32 WinxNoWinMsg
VMMcall Get_Profile_String ; search for 'WinxNoWinMsg'
jc short p1100b ; no find
mov winmsg,0 ; no windows messages
xor eax,eax ; zap value
xor esi,esi ; look in [386enh]
mov edi,offset32 WinxPSPort
VMMcall Get_Profile_Hex_Int ; search for 'PeriscopePort'
jc short p1100c ; no find
mov psport,ax ; set Periscope's port
xor edx,edx ; pointer to default string
xor esi,esi ; look in [386enh]
mov edi,offset32 WinxMonoSave
VMMcall Get_Profile_String ; search for 'WinxMonoSave'
jc short p1100d ; no find
mov monosave,1 ; save/restore mono screen
call p1120 ; init mono screen
mov eax,offset32 hookint06
mov ebx,offset32 intlist
mov ecx,intlistlen ; count of interrupts
p1100e: xor edx,edx ; pointer to default string
xor esi,esi ; look in [386enh]
mov edi,offset32 winxnoint
push ebx
mov bx,[ebx] ; get int name in ascii
mov word ptr [winxnoint2],bx ; save it
VMMcall Get_Profile_String ; search for 'WinxNoInt..'
jc short p1100f ; no find
mov byte ptr [eax],0 ; don't hook this int
p1100f: pop ebx
inc ebx
inc ebx
inc eax
loop p1100e ; check all of our interrupts
call p1140 ; hook the indicated interrupts
clc ; no error
align 4
p1120 proc near ; init mono screen
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
mov edi,0b0000h ; init mono screen
mov ax,0720h
mov ecx,25*80
rep stosw
p1120 endp
align 4
p1140 proc near ; set interrupts in idt
mov intgate,0ee00h ; set interrupt gate, dpl=3
mov eax,offset32 p006 ; offset of exception handler
mov ebx,offset32 origint6 ; offset of original cs:eip
mov cl,hookint06 ; if 1, we hook this interrupt
mov edi,int6*2 ; offset of interrupt in idt
call p1160 ; set int 6
mov eax,offset32 p008
mov ebx,offset32 origint8
mov cl,hookint08
mov edi,int8*2
call p1160 ; set int 8
mov eax,offset32 p00a
mov ebx,offset32 originta
mov cl,hookint0a
mov edi,int0a*2
call p1160 ; set int a
mov eax,offset32 p00b
mov ebx,offset32 origintb
mov cl,hookint0b
mov edi,int0b*2
call p1160 ; set int b
mov eax,offset32 p00c
mov ebx,offset32 origintc
mov cl,hookint0c
mov edi,int0c*2
call p1160 ; set int c
mov eax,offset32 p00d
mov ebx,offset32 origintd
mov cl,hookint0d
mov edi,int0d*2
call p1160 ; set int d
mov eax,offset32 p00e
mov ebx,offset32 originte
mov cl,hookint0e
mov edi,int0e*2
call p1160 ; set int e
mov intgate,08e00h ; interrupt gate, dpl=0
mov eax,offset32 p013
mov ebx,offset32 origirq1
mov cl,1 ; always hook this interrupt
mov edi,51h*8
call p1160 ; set int 51h (keyboard)
p1140 endp
p1160 proc near ; set interrupt in idt
; on entry, eax has offset of new handler,
; ebx points to save area for current handler's address,
; cl contains a 1 if the interrupt is to be hooked, and
; edi has the interrupt number*4
cmp cl,1 ; hook it?
jnz short p1160x ; no
push eax
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax ; es=ds
sidt fword ptr idtlimit
add edi,idtbase
mov ax,[edi] ; get low offset
mov word ptr [ebx],ax
mov ax,[edi+6] ; get high offset
mov word ptr [ebx+2],ax
mov ax,[edi+2] ; get segment
mov word ptr [ebx+4],ax
pop eax
stosw ; save low offset
mov ax,cs
stosw ; save cs
mov ax,intgate ; value for interrupt gate
stosw ; save misc bytes
shr eax,16
stosw ; save high offset
p1160x: ret
p1160 endp
VAD_Sys_Crit_Init endp
; ****************************************************************************
VAD_Device_Init proc near ; init phase 2
cmp winmsg,0 ; skip windows msg?
jz short p1200a ; yes
mov esi,offset32 p300
VMMcall Call_When_Idle ; setup callback
clc ; no error
VAD_Device_Init endp
; ****************************************************************************
VAD_Init_Complete proc near ; init phase 3
clc ; no error
VAD_Init_Complete endp