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Dr. Dobbs Journal Listings for January 1990 Issue.
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Dr. Dobbs Journal Listings for January 1990 Issue.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DOUGLAS.LST 3324 1292 deflated
DUNTEMAN.LST 3635 1030 deflated
JAMES.LST 35337 10047 deflated
LADD.LST 16267 3353 deflated
LOCATE.EXE 14192 8389 deflated
NELSON.LST 16785 4236 deflated
NOLAN.LST 15490 5141 deflated
RAHNER.EXE 33792 33693 deflated
README.TXT 575 347 deflated
SCHULMAN.LST 10462 3657 deflated
SPRITE.EXE 11373 6789 deflated
STEVENS.LST 6266 1805 deflated
STOUT.LST 10422 2778 deflated
TRACY.LST 42051 13569 deflated
ZEN.SCR 102400 14781 deflated
ZGTEST.C 1621 309 deflated
ZG_LWLVL.C 21517 3702 deflated
ZG_LWLVL.DOC 15137 5930 deflated
ZG_LWLVL.H 2420 945 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

This set of listings for Dr. Dobb's Jounral, January 1990,
includes several files not published in the magazine but that
accompany articles.

Accompanying ``Examining Zortech C++ 2.0'' by Scott Robert Ladd
are graphics libraries:


Accompanying ``ZEN For Embedded Systems'' by Martin Tracy is the
file ZEN.SCR.

Accompanying ``Location Is Everything'' by Mark Nelson is the
executable file: LOCATE.EXE

Accompanying ``Real-Time Animation'' by Rahner James are the
executable files:


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