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Keywords: C C++ Temporary Compiler Internationalization Archimedes Visibility

The code listings for the May 1994 issue of The C Users Journal
include source for Robert Adams' dual classes for temporary objects,
sample source listings for Louis Tsai's object oriented compiler,
and Charles Hershey's program to demo the Archimedes C-51 compiler,

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The following files are included in the disk:

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subdirectory name)
plauger P.J. Plauger Standard C:The Header 10

ios - listing 1, The header
bitmask.h - listing 2, Definition of the macro _BITMASK
ios.c - listing 3, Basic members of class ios
except.c - listing 4, The function ios::exceptions(iostate)
copyfmt.c - listing 5, The function ios::copyfmt(ios&)
rdbuf.c - listing 6, The function ios::rdbuf(streambuf *)
ioassign.c - listing 7, The ios assignment operator
ioscopy.c - listing 8, The ios copy constructor
tie.c - listing 9, The function ios::tie(ostream *)
setf.c - listing 10, The function ios::setf(fmtflags)
setf2.c - listing 11, The function ios::setf(fmtflags,
unset.c - listing 12, The function ios::unset(fmtflags)
findarr.c - listing 13, The function ios::_Findarr(int)
dec.c - listing 14, The function dec(ios&)

saks Dan Saks Stepping Up to C++: 67
Compilation Firewalls, Part 2

xr.cpp - listing 1, The main module for the cross-reference
xrt.h - listing 2, The xrt class definition
xrt.cpp - listing 3, The xrt member function definitions
lns1a.h - listing 4, Class definition for lns using a single
lns1a.cpp - listing 5, Member function definitions for lns using
a single pointer
lns1b.h - listing 6, Class definition for lns using a pair of
lns1b.cpp - listing 7, Member function definitions for lns using
a pair of pointers
lns2.h - listing 8, An lns header with lns as an abstract base
lns2.cpp - listing 9, A concrete lns clas derived from the lns
protocol class
lns3.h - listing 10, An lns header with lns as an abstract
base class and a static create function
lns4.h - listing 11, lns as a concrete class with a single
private pointer to a protocol-based
implementation object.
lns4.cpp - listing 12, A "fast" implementation for the protocol-

based lns defined in listing 11
lns5.cpp - listing 13, Implementation for a self-adjusting lns

allison Chuck Allison Code Capsules:Visibility in C++ 81

scope1.cpp - listing 1, Shows that declarations are statements
date.h - listing 2, Defines a simple Date class
date.cpp - listing 3, Implementation of date class defined in
listing 2
str.h - listing 4, A "copy-on-write" string class design.
str.cpp - listing 5, Implementation for listing 4
local.cpp - listing 6, Defines class Local
cursor.h - listing 7, Cursor control module
tcursor.cpp - listing 8, Illustrates cursor control functions
cursor.cpp - listing 9, Implements cursor control for the IBM PC
video.h - listing 10, IBM PC memory-mapped video output
video.cpp - listing 11, implements video class
share.cpp - listing 12, Demonstrates that tags and variables
share the same namespace
namedef.h - listing 13, Demonstrates use of namespace to define
a module
nameimp.h - listing 14, Adds implementation to complete the
Cursor namespace
cursloc.cpp - listing 15, Imports Cursor functions into a local
cursglob.cpp - listing 16, Makes Cursor identifiers available

adams Robert M. Adams Temporary Object Management 27
Through Dual Classes

unit.cpp - listing 1, Defines Vector function unit
refcount.cpp - listing 2, Vector class with dynamic VES and
reference counting
tempvec.cpp - listing 3, Vector and Tempvector with dynamic VES

tsai Louis Tsai Designing an OOP Compiler 37

script - listing 1, A sample script program
dialog - listing 2, A dialog file
toknizer.h - listing 3, Definition of class Tokenizer
asldlg.h - listing 4, Definition of classes Asl and Dlg
init.cpp - listing 5, Implements Initialize() for classes
Asl and Dlg
pif.h - listing 6, Definition of parse node Pif
parse.cpp - listing 7, Function parse() of Pif
pstate.cpp - listing 8, Function pstatement::parse()
pdialog.cpp - listing 9, Function PdialogStatement::parse()
pwhile.cpp - listing 10, Function Pwhile::parse()

hershey Charles Hershey Archimedes C-51 Hosted on an 49
IBM-PC compatible

arch.c - listing 1, A program to illustrate some features of
the C-51 compiler
arch.xcl - listing 2, Link file for sample program
arch.mak - listing 3, Makefile for sample program

heintze Siegfried Intuitive Access to Bit Arrays,
Heintze CUJ, February 1994, p. 67

boolean.h - Not listed, Replaces missing listing from February


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