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! = the '!' character
m = C for C Users Journal, W for Windows/DOS Developer's Journal
vv = volume
ii = issue
rrr = revision (001 for initial release, 002 for next update, etc.)

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corrections to material on the disk since the original magazine

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Keywords: C C++ Compression Pattern Printable Bit Archive

The code listings for the February 1994 issue of The C Users Journal
include source for Philip Gage's Byte Pair Compression algorithm, Erick
Otto's text pattern matching, Thad Smith III's
binary-to-printable-character encoding algorithm, Siegfried Heintze's
class for bit arrays, and Pat LaBrocca's self-extracting archive.

************************* FILE DESCRIPTION **********************************

The following files are included in the disk:

(Zip archive/
subdirectory name)
plauger P.J. Plauger Standard C 10

xmsg.h - listing 1, A class to handle exceptions
reraise.h - listing 2, Definition of class reraise
xlogic.h - listing 3, A derived class to handle logic errors
xruntime.h - listing 4, A derived class to handle runtime errors
xdomain.h - listing 5, A derived class to handle domain errors
xrange.h - listing 6, A derived class to handle range errors
badcast.h - listing 7, A class to handle bad dynamic casts

saks Dan Saks Stepping Up to C++ 87

mix.h - listing 1, A class hierarchy that mixes virtual and
non-virtual overriding
testmix.cpp - listing 2, A test program for the hierarchy in
mix.h (listing 1)
overload.h - listing 3, A class with overloaded virtual functions
hides.cpp - listing 4, Demonstrates how a declaration in an
inner scope hides all functions with the same name
in an outer scope
partial.h - listing 5, A class hierarchy that overrides some but
not all overloaded virtual functions
testpart.cpp - listing 6, A test program for partial.h (listing 5)

gage Philip Gage A New Algorithm for 23
Data Compression

compress.c - listing 3, The compression program
expand.c - listing 4, The expansion program

otto Erick Otto Two Fast Pattern-Matching 39

bm.c - listing 1, The Boyer and Moore algorithm
bzyatg.c - listing 2, The Beaza-Yates and Gonnet algorithm
freq.c - listing 3, Generates a header file with frequency
distribution of specified file

smith Thad Smith III Coding with Printable 51

code13_2.c - listing 1, Codes 13-bit values into two characters
conv2_13.c - listing 2, Translates two characters back to 13 bits
calc9_11.c - listing 3, Calculation to encode 9 input bytes into
11 characters
baz.h - listing 4, External definitions of BAZ routines
bazcom.h - listing 5, Internal definitions for BAZ routines
ebaz.c - listing 6, Code to convert 9 bytes to 11 characters
dbaz.c - listing 7, Decodes 9 bytes from 11 characters
crc16.h - listing 8, Header for 16-bit CRC calculation
crc16g.h - listing 9, Calculates the CRC, a block at a time
baz.c - listing 10, Encodes binary file to BAZ911 file
zab.c - listing 11, Decodes BAZ911-encoded file

heintze Siegfried Heintze Intuitive Access to 67
Bit Arrays

bitarr.h - listing 1, Definition of classes BitField and
bitarr.cpp - listing 2, Demonstrates operation of bit arrays

labrocca P. J. LaBrocca A Self-Extracting 75
Archive for MS-DOS

sea.h - listing 1, Prefix header structure
arch.c - listing 2, Archiver
extr.c - listing 3, Extraction module
makefile.mak - listing 4, Makefile for arch.exe and extr.exe
remake.bat - listing 5, A batch file to check MagicNumber
remake.awk - listing 6, An awk file to check the size
of MagicNumber

allison Chuck Allison Code Capsules: Variable-Length 103
Argument Lists

max1.c - listing 1, A function to find the largest
of n integers
vargs1.c - listing 2, A function to extract integer/string
argument pairs
vargs2.c - listing 3, Encapsulates the parameter extraction
vargs3.c - listing 4, Uses macros in stdarg.h to process
variable-length argument lists
max2.c - listing 5, Implements maxn via the stdarg macros
concat.c - listing 6, A function to concatenate a variable
number of strings
tblrow.c - listing 7, Uses a va_list to populate tables
fatal.c - listing 8, Uses vprintf to exit program with error
prepend.c - listing 9, Demonstrates use of prepend function
preprint.c - listing 10, Functions to build strings backwards
commas.c - listing 11, Uses prepend and preprintf functions to
format numbers with comma separators

letters Letters to Editor We Have Mail 118

dyn2darr.c - not listed in magazine, submitted by Steve Coffman
as improvement to P.J LaBrocca's code (see "Dynamic
Two-Dimensional Arrays," by P.J. LaBrocca, CUJ,
November 1993, page 72.
dyn2darr.h - not listed in magazine, submitted by Steve Coffman
as improvement to P.J. LaBrocca's code


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