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C User's Journal Listings for 1/94.
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C User’s Journal Listings for 1/94.
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Contents of the FILENAME.TXT file

************************* MASTER CODE ***************************************

The name of the first file in this disk's directory identifies the volume,
issue number and revision of the disk. The format of this filename is:


! = the '!' character
m = C for C Users Journal, W for Windows/DOS Developer's Journal
vv = volume
ii = issue
rrr = revision (001 for initial release, 002 for next update, etc.)

The file UPDATE.DOC contains information about any additions or
corrections to material on the disk since the original magazine

If you have obtained this code from a floppy diskette or from CompuServe, the
headings under the column "FILENAME" represent the names of .ZIP files. All
files listed under the filename are archived in the .ZIP file.

If you have obtained this code from UUNET, the headings under the column
"FILENAME" represent the names of subdirectories. All files listed under the
"filename" are included in a subdirectory of that name.

Keywords: C C++ bit Foundation UNIX Windows float

The code listings for the January 1994 issue of The C Users Journal
include source for William Smith's implementation of a short floating
point type, Andy Yuen's class for managing time-consuming Windows tasks,
A couple of examples Scot Wingo's code for porting the Microsoft
Foundation Class Library to UNIX, and Chuck Allison's implementation of
C++ bit handling routines.

************************* FILE DESCRIPTION **********************************

The following files are included in the disk:

saks (ZIP archive/subdirectory name)61

shape1.h - listing 1, A base class for shapes
shape2.h - listing 2, Member functions and static member data
definitions for class shape
circle.h - listing 3, Class circle derived from shape
rectangl.h - listing 4, Class rectangle derived from shape
largest.cpp - listing 5, A function that returns the shape with
the largest area in a collection of shapes
override.cpp - listing 6, Demonstrates selective virtual overriding
abshape.h - listing 7, An abstract base class for shapes
derived.h - listing 8, A derived class that doesn't override all
virtual functions

allison (ZIP archive/subdirectory name)91

swap.cpp - listing 1, A function template for swapping two
objects of the same type
stack1.h - listing 2, A class for a stack of integers
stack1.cpp - listing 3, Out-of-line functions for the stack class
stack2.h - listing 4, A class template for homogenous stacks
tstack2.h - listing 5, Illustrates the stack template class
bits.cpp - listing 6, The bits class interface template
bits.h - listing 7, An implementation of the bits class
tbits.cpp - listing 8, Tests the bits class
intset.h - listing 8, Implementation of sets of integers
tintset.cpp - listing 8, Tests the intset class

pugh (ZIP archive/subdirectory name)75

array2d.c - listing 3, Using a typedef to eliminate type

smith (ZIP archive/subdirectory name)23

sfloat.hpp - listing 1, Definition of class sfloat
sfloat.inl - listing 2, Constructor functions and overloaded
operators for class sfloat
sfloat.cpp - listing 3, Definition of default values and of
function sfloatrange

wingo (ZIP archive/subdirectory name)55

debugnew.cpp - listing 1, MFC overloading of new for debugging
alignfix.cpp - listing 4, Fixes potential memory alignment problems

yuen (ZIP archive/subdirectory name)35

cschlr.hpp - listing 1, Interface to Cschlr class
cschlr.cpp - listing 2, Member function definitions for class
csemq.hpp - listing 3, Header file for class Csemq
csemq.cpp - listing 4, Member function definitions for class Csemq
cthread.hpp - listing 5, Header file for class Cthread
cthread.cpp - listing 6, Member function definitions for class Cthread
bigjob.h - listing 7, Implements main logic of example program
makefile.mak - listing 8, Make file for program bigjob.cpp
bigjob.cpp - Not listed in magazine. Example program.

letters (ZIP archive/subdirectory name)

ratint.c - listing 8, Lowell Smith's function ratint for RPFT
RPFT.c - Not listed in magazine. Lowell Smith's corrected
RPFT code.
flagxmpl.cpp - listing 9, Dave Rogers' example of iostreams format
flag behavior
copyfix.c - listing 11, Ed Sarlls' fix for Roger Meadows strws
sfxtest.c - listing 12, Ed Sarlls' test code for copyfix.c
pizza.c - listing 13, Chuck Allison's sample code provided as
an example of C code that works - reply to Conrad
pizza.cpp - listing 14, Chuck Allison's sample code provided as
an example of C++ code that works - reply to Conrad


If you have questions regarding to the disk, please call or write us.

R&D Publications, Inc.
1601 W. 23rd St. Suite 200
Lawrence, KS 66046
(913) 841-1631

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