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C User's Journal Listings for 12/93.
File CUJ9312.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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C User’s Journal Listings for 12/93.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
!CDC1112.001 51 51 stored
!README 4124 1861 deflated
1110072C.ZIP 1605 1584 deflated
ALLISON.ZIP 7189 6706 deflated
DEAN.ZIP 5659 5482 deflated
ENGBERT.ZIP 9273 8679 deflated
FILENAME.TXT 6382 2039 deflated
KAUFFMAN.ZIP 1434 1329 deflated
LETTERS.ZIP 1091 1067 deflated
PUGH.ZIP 1173 1008 deflated
SAKS.ZIP 3109 2459 deflated
SCHUMANN.ZIP 1923 1794 deflated
SPLASH.ZIP 58499 55982 deflated
UNZIP.EXE 21440 15782 deflated
WINROTH.ZIP 42360 34957 deflated

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Contents of the FILENAME.TXT file

************************* MASTER CODE ***************************************

The name of the first file in this disk's directory identifies the volume,
issue number and revision of the disk. The format of this filename is:


! = the '!' character
m = C for C Users Journal, W for Windows/DOS Developer's Journal
vv = volume
ii = issue
rrr = revision (001 for initial release, 002 for next update, etc.)

The file UPDATE.DOC contains information about any additions or
corrections to material on the disk since the original magazine

If you have obtained this code from a floppy diskette or from CompuServe, the
headings under the column "FILENAME" represent the names of .ZIP files. All
files listed under the filename are archived in the .ZIP file.

If you have obtained this code from UUNET, the headings under the column
"FILENAME" represent the names of subdirectories. All files listed under the
"filename" are included in a subdirectory of that name.

************************* FILE DESCRIPTION **********************************

The following files are included in the disk:

saks (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) 103

filetyps.h - listing 1, Rough outline for a hierarchy of file
filter.cpp - listing 2, An application using files
shape1.h - listing 3, A base class for shapes
shape2.h - listing 4, Member function and static member data
definitions for class shape
circle.h - listing 5, Class circle derived from shape
rectangl.h - listing 6, Class rectangle derived from shape
shapes.cpp - listing 7, A simple application using shapes
shape3.h - listing 8, Overloading << as an output operator for

allison (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) 71

string.hpp - listing 1, String class definition and inline
string.cpp - listing 2, String class implementation
tstr.cpp - listing 3, Illustrates the String Class
bitstr.hpp - listing 4, Bitstring class definition and inline
bitstr.cpp - listing 5, Bitstring class implementation
tbitstr.cpp - listing 6, Illustrates the bitstream class

pugh (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) 91

nestarg.cpp - listing 1, Illustrates problems with nested templates
inandout.cpp - listing 2, Illustrates problems with nesting classes
in templates
preproc.cpp - listing 3, Illustrates unexpected results of compiling
a template

schumann (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) 19

clip.c - listing 1, An example of using C with Clipper
main.prg - listing 2, Test driver program for clip.c
makefile - listing 3, Borland MAKE file for clip.c and driver

engbert (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) 29

bits.c - listing 1, Writes or Reads bits to or from a compressed
comp.c - listing 2, Contains main compression routine
identity.c - listing 3, Writes header to decompressed file or
verifies presence of header on compressed file
list.c - listing 4, Implements the Huffman list
main.c - listing 5, Opens/closes files for compression and
decompression and interacts with user
usage.c - listing 6, Controls features of command line syntax and
user interface
decomp.c - listing 7, Decompression routine matching comp.c
config.h - listing 8, Configures building of encoder/decoder
proto.h - listing 9, function protoypes for encoding or decoding

kauffman (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) 45

debug.h - listing 1, Classes MyDebugStreambug and MyDebugStream
debug.cpp - listing 2, Member functions of MyDebugStreamBuf

dean (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) 49

demo.c - listing 1, Enables users to experiment with image
transform.c - listing 2, Routines for scaling, shearing, and
rotating images

letters (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) 127

moser.c - listing 1, Combined log.c and log.h mentioned in Kim
Moser's Letter to the Editor

splash (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) ---

Referenced in the article "The SPLASH Class Library," by Jim Morris,
CUJ, October 1993. The splash class library. (This code was not
printed in the magazine due to its length.)

winroth (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) ---

Referenced in the article "Exceptionn Handling in C," by Harald
Winroth and Matti Rendahl, CUJ, October 1993. Exception handling
macros described in article. (This was not printed in the magazine
due to its length.)

1110072C (ZIP archive name/Subdirectory name) ---

Listed in ther article "Random Event Simulation for C Programmers," by
Martin Skolnick, CUJ, October 1993. Listing 6, Definition of
MakeHistogram. This file was supposed to be included with the October
code disk, but was inadvertently omitted.


If you have questions regarding to the disk, please call or write us.

R&D Publications, Inc.
1601 W. 23rd St. Suite 200
Lawrence, KS 66046
(913) 841-1631

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