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C User's Journal Listings for 11/93.
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C User’s Journal Listings for 11/93.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
!CDC1111.001 51 51 stored
!README 4124 1861 deflated
1110072C.ZIP 1605 1584 deflated
ALLISON.ZIP 6944 6007 deflated
FEENEY.ZIP 6197 5927 deflated
FILENAME.TXT 5228 1810 deflated
JANZEN.ZIP 4710 4348 deflated
LABROCCA.ZIP 26435 25675 deflated
PUGH.ZIP 471 438 deflated
SAKS.ZIP 1325 1131 deflated
SPLASH.ZIP 58499 55982 deflated
UNZIP.EXE 21440 15782 deflated
WATSON.ZIP 6161 5964 deflated

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Contents of the FILENAME.TXT file

************************* MASTER CODE ***************************************

The name of the first file in this disk's directory identifies the volume,
issue number and revision of the disk. The format of this filename is:


! = the '!' character
m = C for C Users Journal, W for Windows/DOS Developer's Journal
vv = volume
ii = issue
rrr = revision (001 for initial release, 002 for next update, etc.)

The file UPDATE.DOC contains information about any additions or
corrections to material on the disk since the original magazine

************************* FILE DESCRIPTION **********************************

The following files are included in the disk:


Feeney.zipJames E. FeeneyReal-Time Data Acquisition19-34
and Control Under Windows

myheader.h- Listing 1, Header file for VDS functions
mainprog.c- Listing 2, Main application program
myflags.h- Listing 3, Program flags
timer.c- Listing 4, A basic timer function
timer2.c- Listing 5, An improved Windows timer function

Watson.zipRobert WatsonDMA Controller Programming in C35-54

record.c- Listing 1, Main application program
vds.h- Listing 2, Header file for VDS functions
vds.c- Listing 3, Source file for VDS functions
makefile- Listing 4, Make file for building the application

Janzen.zipThomas E. JanzenC++ for Fuzzy Logic55-71

fuzzy.hpp- Listing 1, Definition of class fuzzy
fzy_set.hpp- Listing 2, Definition of class fzy_set
fam2.hpp- Listing 3, Definition of fuzzy associative memory
memfunc.hpp- Listing 4, Definition of membership_function
example.cpp- Listing 5, Application of fuzzy associative memory

Labrocca.zipP.J. LaBroccaA Function to Allocate72-86
2-Dimensional Arrays at Run Time

dyn2darr.c- Listing 1, Defines function to allocate 2-d arrays
dyn2darr.h- Listing 2, Header file for dyn2darr.c
magic.c- Listing 3, Magic squares program
test.c- Listing 4, A program to test dynamic allocation
makefile- Listing 5, Makefile for Microsoft's NMAKE
magic.exe- Not printed in magazine.
test.exe- Not printed in magazine.

Allison.zipChuck AllisonCode Capsules89-101

bit1.c- Listing 1, Illustrates bitwise operators
bit1_2.c- Listing 2, Sets and resets individual bits
bit.h- Listing 3, Declarations for bit access functions
bit.c- Listing 4, Implements file for bit.h
tbit.c- Listing 5, Illustrates the bit access functions from bit.h
bits.h- Listing 6, Bits object interface
bits.c- Listing 7, Bits object implementation
tbits.c- Listing 8, Test the bits interface
edits.h- Listing 9, Edits to transform bits.h into bitstr.h
edits.c- Listing 10, Edits to transform bits.c into bitstr.c
tbitstr.c- Listing 11, Test the bitstr interface

pugh.zipKenneth PughQuestions & Answers103-107

pedconn.hpp- Figure 1, Jorge Pedron's sample code

saks.zipDan SaksStepping Up to C++109-116

string.hpp- Listing 1, A simple string class
immdes.hpp- Listing 2, Immediate destruction with references
bound to entire objects
inmeos.hpp- Listing 3, An example where destruction at EOS fails
gencode.cpp- Listing 4, Generated code from a conditionally
constructed temporary

splash.zipJim MorrisThe SPLASH Class LibraryCUJ 11.10, 49-67

splash.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
spltst.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
slicetst.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
tracer.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
cislog.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
assoc.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
chgfnt.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
tstio.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
justify.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
scl.cpp- Not printed in magazine.
tracer.h- Not printed in magazine.
readme.sam- Not printed in magazine.
makefile.std- Not printed in magazine.
readme- Not printed in magazine.
readme.2nd- Not printed in magazine.
splash.doc- Not printed in magazine.
regexp.doc- Not printed in magazine.
splash.h- Not printed in magazine.
regex.c- Not printed in magazine.
regex.h- Not printed in magazine.
regmagic.h- Not printed in magazine.
regexp.h- Not printed in magazine.
splash.v- Not printed in magazine.
slicetst.v- Not printed in magazine.
assoc.h- Not printed in magazine.
changelo- Not printed in magazine.
patchler- Not printed in magazine.
todo- Not printed in magazine.

1110072.zipMartin ScolnickRandom Event SimulationCUJ 11.10, 69-82
for C Programmers

1110072c- Listing 6, Definition of MakeHistogram


If you have questions regarding to the disk, please call or write us.

R&D Publications, Inc.
1601 W. 23rd St. Suite 200
Lawrence, KS 66046
(913) 841-1631

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