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#include "region.h"

// The basic window class
extern class win : public region

static win *topwin; // Class variable holds top window
static win *lastwin; // Last window

// Cursor location when window isn't on top
int oldx;
int oldy;

// Default screen color
unsigned int color;

// Pointer to next window on stack
win *next; // Pointer to next window
win *prev; // Previous window

int margin; // Margins support borders on the windows

// Private method to register top window
void settop(void);

// Methods:
// Constructor:
win(int x0=1,int y0=1,int x1=80,int y1=25,
unsigned int clr=7,int mar=0);

// Destructor. This is virtual to support boxwindows, etc.
virtual ~win();

// Force window to top of stack
void maketop();

// Windows with borders
extern class boxwin : public win
boxwin(int x0=2,int y0=2,int x1=79,int y1=24,
unsigned int clr=7,int boxt=0);

// General purpose box drawing routine
void draw_box(int type,int x0,int y0,int x1,int y1);