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// Pinacle File Manager Class

#ifndef PINCLASS_H
#define PINCLASS_H

extern "C" {
#include "string.h"
#include "listclas.h"

class Pfm_List: public D_List {
DB db;
DBTAB table;
DBCOL default_key;
DBSEARCH default_dbsearch;
Boolean is_at_top, // Flags
char *buffer;
size_t max_buffer_size;
// Constructors and Destructors
Pfm_List(char *database, char *table_name,
size_t mbs = 1024);
Pfm_List(DB &open_db, char *table_name,
size_t mbs = 1024);
Pfm_List(DB &open_db, DBTAB &db_table,
size_t mbs = 1024);
virtual ~Pfm_List();

// Database Specific Methods
DB DBHandle() {return db;}
DBTAB TableHandle() {return table;}

// List Status
virtual Boolean at_top()
{ return( is_at_top); }
virtual Boolean at_end()
{ return( is_at_bottom); }
long virtual tell();

// List Navigation
virtual Boolean find(void *key),
find(void *key, char *relation),
find(char *col, char *relation, void *key);
virtual void prev(), next(), top(), end();
virtual Boolean findnext(), findprev();

// Interface to and from List
virtual void add();
virtual void replace(char *field,
char *value);
virtual void replace(char *field,
long value);
virtual void replace(char *field,
double value);
// virtual void replace(char *field, void *value);
virtual void replace(void *member){ };
// Not truly defined.
virtual void remove();
virtual void *current()
{return (void *)buffer; }
long virtual total()
{ return ((long) DB_CountRows(table));}
virtual char *get(char *field, char *value);
virtual long get(char *field, long &value);
virtual double get(char *field, double &value);
virtual void *get(char *field, void *value);