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// class FileFilter:
// The FileFilter class encapsulates reading an
// input file, filtering its contents through a function,
// and writing the result to an output file. It uses two
// threads of execution, one for reading the file, the other
// for writing the output file.
// Author: Michael Kelly
// Date: July 26, 1993
// Copyright: Copyright (c) 1993 Michael Kelly,
// all rights reserved.
#if !defined(FFILTER_HPP)

#if !defined(INCL_DOSPROCESS)
#if !defined(INCL_DOSQUEUES)

#define INBUF_SIZE 4096
#define QNAME_LEN 32

struct data_block {
int data_size;
char *block;

class FileFilter {
HEV done_sem;
HQUEUE qhandle;
char qname[ QNAME_LEN ];
ULONG max_sem_wait;

static int count;
int in_line_mode;
int blocks2read;
int blocks2write;
int filter_valid;
data_block* (*filter)( data_block *inblock );

ULONG filter_error;
FILE *rfile;
FILE *wfile;

friend void read_thread( void *filterptr );
friend void write_thread( void *filterptr );
int create_sem();

int create_queue();
data_block *get_queue();
int put_queue( data_block *data );

FileFilter() {}
FileFilter( const char *file2read,
const char *file2write,
data_block* (*filter_func)
( data_block *inblock ) );


ULONG error_code() { return filter_error; }
int valid() { return filter_valid; }
APIRET wait4completion( ULONG max_wait );


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Archive   : CUJ0894.ZIP
Filename : FFILTER.HPP

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