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* file: ARGS.H
* purpose: structures and definitions for parseargs()
* and findfile() functions
* author: David Weber
* history:
* 02-15-91 - initial code

/* Arguments are of two types, switches and nonswitches. Switches are
* preceded by a '-' or a '/' and are a single letter optionally followed
* by an argument value. Switches are parsed anywhere they are found in
* the command list. Multiple switches may be concatenated behind a single
* '-' or '/' if they do not require values. Nonswitches are simply character
* arrays which are not preceded by a switch character. Nonswitchvalues are
* put into the array until a NULL value is found. If more nonswitches
* are found than allowed by the array or an illegal switch character is
* encountered then usage(); is called.
* ARGS example =
* {
* "vcd", switches "-v -cname -d98" would set verbose to 1, copy "name" into str and set digit to 98
* formatlist char formatlist[] = {NOARG,CHARARG,INTARG}; type of values to expect as arguments
* valuelist void *valuelist[] = {&verbose,str,&digit}; int *verbose, char *name, int *digit;
* 64, maximum size of a nonswitch array or a CHARARG switch value
* namelist, char *namelist[] = {file1,file2,NULL}; char *file1, char *file2; storage for nonswitches
* };
* The special switches -? and -h always call usage();

typedef struct
char *switches; /* set to NULL if no switches are allowed */
char *formats;
void **switchvalues;
int nonswitchsize;
char **nonswitchvalues; /* set to NULL if no nonswitches are allowed */

#define NOARG 1 /* no value expected for switch */
#define CHARARG 2 /* switch followed by a character value */
#define INTARG 3 /* switch followed by an integer value */
#define LONGARG 4 /* switch followed by a long value */

void parseargs(int argc,char *argv[],ARGS *style);

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Archive   : CUJ0894.ZIP
Filename : ARGS.H

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