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Compute Magazine's utilities -- Disk 2.
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Compute Magazine’s utilities — Disk 2.
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COLORSET.DOC 2543 1099 deflated
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MINUET 364 147 deflated
ODE 271 89 deflated
RIGDOON 368 136 deflated
RUPERT 456 173 deflated
SEECOLOR.BAT 182 145 deflated
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Contents of the COLORSET.DOC file

Color Utility for IBM-compatible Computers

This color-setting utility for CGA and EGA-equipped computers is
designed to be easy to use and fast.

Requirements: IBM PC,XT,AT or compatible computer with CGA, EGA,
or VGA adapter and color monitor.

You must install ANSI.SYS as a device in your CONFIG.SYS
file. The correct line is: DEVICE = ANSI.SYS. If
the file, ANSI.SYS is not in your root directory, you
must include the path information as well. For example,
the line might read: DEVICE=C:\DOS\ANSI.SYS if the file,
ANSI.SYS, is in the C:\DOS directory.


Install the program by copying all its files into a directory named in
the PATH statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. By doing that, you can call
the program while logged onto any disk or directory. The program is currently
configured to be installed in the C:\DOS directory. If you do not already
have a PATH statement, add one with the following format:


To use the utility, simply enter the command SEECOLOR to view a color
chart of the available screen colors. Currently, the batch file,
SEECOLOR.BAT, assumes that the file, COLORS.ANS, is in the C:\DOS
directory. If that is not the case, change the batch file to give
the actual location of COLORS.ANS. Floppy disk users should change the
line in SEECOLOR.BAT, which reads:


To change colors, use the command SETCOLOR, with the foreground and
background color choices as parameters. As an example, to set white
type on a black background, give the command this way: SETCOLOR 7 0

To set light yellow characters on a blue background, the command is:

Be sure to leave spaces between the command and the color numbers, and
a space between the two numbers. Note: Only numbers between 0 and 7
can be used as a background color.

You can create other batch files for your favorite screen colors.
Just include the command, SETCOLOR [foreground] [background] in the
batch file. You can also include this command at the end of a batch file
which calls a program that doesn't restore your normal screen colors.

This utility is placed in the public domain by:

George Campbell
1472 Sixth St.
Los Osos, CA 93402

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