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Solves the 12-coins type puzzles mathmatically (from BYTE).
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Solves the 12-coins type puzzles mathmatically (from BYTE).
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Contents of the COIN.TXT file

Have you ever heard the brain teaser that goes something like this...
You have 12 coins, one of which is counterfit (either
lighter than or heavier than the others). Using a simple
balance scale you have but THREE weighings to determine
which is the counterfit AND whether it is heavier or
lighter! Well, it took me quite a while to solve that.
Recently while browsing through some old BYTE magazines I
came across a math column that dealt with this type of
program. I have included the listing "COIN.BAS" for your
enjoyment. Running it is self-explanatory. I highly
reccommend you read the accompanying article (see listing
for ref) as it is scientifically very interesting!

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