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Filename : RNG.ASM

Output of file : RNG.ASM contained in archive : CLM89DEC.ZIP
;Random Number Generator and ASCII translating Program,
;by Professor T. A. Elkins
;copyright 1989

cseg Segment

assume cs:cseg, ds:cseg
org 100h

beg: jmp s
db 0dh,0ah ;cr/lf for jump bytes
asm db 9000 dup(' 0',0dh,0ah) ;buffer for ASCII numbers
db 1ah ;EOF mark
rs db ' 0',0dh,0ah ;bytes to clear old numbers
author db 'Professor Elkins'
db 'PE1' ;filespec marker
fspec db '' ;Controlling filespec
db 15 dup(0) ;change up to 21 bytes
;leave trailing 0.
mes db 'File creation or I/O error$'
t db 0 ;toggle variable
d dw 10

db 'PE2'
h1 dw 7397 ;Initial seeds
h2 dw 29447 ;can be changed
h3 dw 802 ;if desired.

f1 dw 179 ;change these three words
f2 dw 183 ;only if you know what you
f3 dw 182 ;are doing.
m2 dw 32779 ;words!
m3 dw 32783

s: mov cx,9000 ;set loop at 9000 steps
mov di,offset asm ;aim first ASCII write
l: mov t,0 ;Random Number sequence start
l0: mov ax,h1 ;Began section one
mul f1
div m1
mov h1,dx
dec dx
cmp dx,32767
jb l1
inc t ;set toggle
l1: mov bx,dx
mov ax,h2 ;Began section two
mul f2
div m2
mov h2,dx
dec dx
cmp dx,32767
jb l2
inc t
l2: add bx,dx
mov ax,h3 ;Began section three
mul f3
div m3
mov h3,dx
dec dx
cmp dx,32767
jb l3
inc t
l3: cmp t,0 ;Discard if any section is out of bounds.
jne l
mov ax,dx
add ax,bx
and ax,32767 ;Fifteen bit number in AX
;sequence ends.

;ASCII conversion section
mov si,offset rs ;Clear old random number space start
push di
push cx
mov cx,7
repe movsb ;clear write
pop cx
pop di

mov bx,4 ;translation begins
l13: cmp ax,0 ;case: rn=0
je l15
cmp ax,10 ;case: rn<10
jl l14
xor dx,dx
div d
add dl,48 ;change number to ASCII format
mov [bx+di],dl ;store ASCII digit
dec bx
jmp l13
l14: add al,48
mov [bx+di],al
add di,7
loop l16
jmp short l17
l16: jmp l0

;Recreate file for write.
mov dx,offset fspec ;Int 21h sub 3ch creates the file if
xor cx,cx ;it does not exist or truncates it to
mov ah,3ch ;zero length if it does exist.
int 21h ;NOTE: This interrupt places the program
jc c ;file is some danger if the pwr fails.
;A backup is recommended where needed.

;Write file.
mov cx,offset x ;get file length plus 100h
sub cx,100h
mov bx,ax ;move handle to bx
mov dx,100h
mov ah,40h
int 21h
jc c
;Close file.
;Terminate program.
mov ax,4c00h
int 21h

mov dx,offset mes ;print error message if needed
mov ah,9
int 21h

mov ax,4c01h ;Set error level to one.
int 21h ;Terminate program.


cseg ends
end beg

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Archive   : CLM89DEC.ZIP
Filename : RNG.ASM

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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