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PC Mag 8/89 utility - Modified for Turbo C (version 2).
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PC Mag 8/89 utility – Modified for Turbo C (version 2).
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Contents of the READ.ME file

CHKFRAG 1.1 (c) Ziff Communications Co.
PC Magazine Bob Flanders & Michael Holmes

I have made the necessary changes needed to allow CHKFRAG.C to
compile with both Turbo C 2.0 and MicroSoft C 5.0. A summary
of the changes that were made are listed below.

I have also corrected a bug that resulted in a NULL POINTER
ASSIGNMENT run-time error, and a bug in the command line
switches where option 5 was selected if an incorrect switch
was given.

Additionally, the enclosed executable will check to see if the
disk was partitioned > 32 meg, and if so, will set the /4 switch.

The executable was compiled under Turbo C 2.0 as follows:

TCC -ms -C -K -k- -M -N -w -O -Z CHKFRAG.C

Modified on Sun 08-13-1989 [13:07] by Tony Tortorelli [71571,3647]
to allow compilation under both Turbo C and MicroSoft C

The following is a summary of the changes made:
(all line # references are to original code)

The following changes will allow CHKFRAG.C to be compiled
under BOTH TC2 and MSC:

Header and macro definitinons at beginning of file:

On line 9, delete #include (It will now be in the #elif)

On Line 10 (after #include's):

#if defined(__TURBOC__) /* Turbo C */
#define _dos_findfirst(a,c,b) findfirst(a,b,c)
#define _dos_findnext(a) findnext(a)
#define find_t ffblk
#define name ff_name
#define halloc(a,b) farcalloc(a,b)
#define fcb FCB
#pragma warn -pia
#pragma warn -sig
#pragma warn -use
#if defined (__TINY__)
#error farcalloc() not supported by Tiny Model

#elif defined(M_I86) && !defined(__ZTC__) /* MSC/QuickC */
#error *** Unsupported Compiler ***

On line 122 make the following change:

#if defined(__TURBOC__) /* Turbo C */
sdrive = getdisk()+1;
_dos_getdrive(&sdrive); /* get the default drive */

On line 181 make the following change:

#if defined(__TURBOC__) /* Turbo C */
_dos_setdrive((*drive-'A')+1, &i); /* set up the work drive */

On line 922 make the following change:

#if defined(__TURBOC__) /* Turbo C */
_dos_setdrive(sdrive, &i); /* reset the default drive */

Although not needed to port to TC2, the following will check for
a partition > 32 meg and will automatically set the /4 switch

On line 845 =add= the following:

#if defined (__TURBOC__) /* check for > 32 meg partiction */
struct fatinfo fat;

On line 870 =add= the following:

#if defined (__TURBOC__) /* check for > 32 meg partiction */
if(((long)fat.fi_sclus * (long)fat.fi_nclus
* (long)fat.fi_bysec) > 32000000L)

The following changes are necessary to correct a

#: 16088 S2/Utilities [U]
13-Aug-89 00:43:13
Sb: #16065-Please support Turbo C
Fm: Don E. Groves, Jr. 71310,3702
To: Tony Tortorelli 71571,3647

Tony, Inside of the routine next_cluster. Make sure all pointer
references are huge. The ones I'm talking about are p = (UINT *)
&fat[0]; this should be wrote as p = (UINT huge *) &fat[0]; so that
no matter what memory model you use its always a huge to a huge
pointer assigment. I hope this helps. {the poor typer}

The following is necessary to correct the command line switches:

Also, v1.1 has an error in the command line switches in
that option 5 is selected if an incorrect option is given:

Line 138:

for (j = 0; strcmp(p, options[j]) /* search arguments */
&& (j < 5); j++);

Should be 6.

Tony Tortorelli

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