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Source code from C Gazette Vol 5 No 6.
File CGAZV5N6.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Source code from C Gazette Vol 5 No 6.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ECKEL.EXE 108236 108189 deflated
NG.COM 15737 14624 deflated
README.1ST 1922 973 deflated
RIEL.COM 13662 12344 deflated
SIERING.COM 12973 12709 deflated
TAYLOR.COM 4269 4199 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Attached are the files for C Gazette, Vol. 5, No. 6 (Oct/Nov 1991)

Due to the large number of files (66!), they have been segragated
into separate executable files, one file for each article.
The files are named after the respective authors. See
below. Just execute each file and the archived files will be
expanded in your current directory.

Some additional files, not listed in the C Gazette, have been added:

in \NG we have added sample bitmap files (*.BMP) to use in
testing the program with ciustomc controls. These files are
referred to int TEST.RC, the resource file printed as Listing 8.

in \ECKEL we have added the executable files generated by the code.
Since the code relied heavily on Rogue Wave's library which may
not be available to all, the executables generated by the code
are enclosed for your use and inspection. The executables files
have been compressed with PKZIP into a single file called ECKEXES.ZIP

Unless otherwse stated in the code, these files are copyrighted by
C Gazette and Oakley Publishing. They are not public domain. You
are given permmission to use them as you wish provided:

a) that the source code is not resold execpt as part
of a larger application;
b) any use of the source code must explicitly acknowledge
the author and C Gazette, and state that the code is
copyright C Gazette/Oakley Publishing.

You are free to use the executables and object code as you wish, as long
as they are not sold unchanged.


\ECKEL Various utilities using Rogue Wave's C++ library
\NG Custom controls under Windows
\SIERING DOS-specific exception handling
\TAYLOR Quicksorting linked lists

For more information, contact:

C Gazette
P.O. Box 70167
Eugene, OR 97401-0110
(800) 234-0386
(503) 747-0800
(503) 746-0071 FAX

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