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C Gazette, V4 #1, source code.
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C Gazette, V4 #1, source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BGIPARSE.C 3389 1215 deflated
CLR.C 3909 1108 deflated
CRTTYPE.C 9720 2805 deflated
CURLY14.FNT 3584 1331 deflated
DYNARRAY.CXX 2745 1013 deflated
DYNARRAY.HXX 1586 682 deflated
DYNATEST.CXX 2004 791 deflated
EDITDEMO.C 3285 1310 deflated
GEM.H 2218 624 deflated
HOUSE1.C 3460 1078 deflated
HOUSE2.C 5304 1611 deflated
INCLUDES.H 2568 904 deflated
L2.C 37376 8946 deflated
LINES.C 10090 2620 deflated
MAKEFILE.CXX 407 197 deflated
MANDALA.C 3056 1067 deflated
MMATCH.C 6406 1756 deflated
MTEST.BAT 476 167 deflated
OURFONT.C 6535 2464 deflated
PIE.C 3127 1080 deflated
README.1ST 1947 1026 deflated
SCLFONT.C 13781 3513 deflated
STRING.CXX 1131 523 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

The attached files are all presented or discussed
in the Summer 1989 issue of The C Gazette.
All files are copyrighted by The C Gazette. With
the exception of files that indicate otherwise, the
source code may be used freely if the authorship
and copyright are explicitly stated. These files
may not be sold or posted to any BBS except by
The C Gazette or as part of a larger program.

That being said, enjoy them thoroughly. Below
is a brief table of contents.

======== CGAZV4N1 - Table of Contents =============

ourfont.c | Andrew Chalk's article on loading custom EGA/VGA fonts
curly14.fnt |

clr.c | Dave Fredricks articles on changing the number of screen
lines.c | lines in text mode.

crttype.c | Andrew Binstock's code to identify CRT's and video hardware

dynarray.cxx | Bruce Eckel's article on dynamic strings in C++
dynarray.hxx |
dynatest.cxx |
Mmkefile.cxx |
string.cxx |

mmatch.c | John Rex's rotuine to edit/match user input
mtest.bat | A testbed to exercise mmatch.exe

l2.c | David Babcock's program for drawing ellipses, polygons
includes.h | and curves on the LaserJet and DeskJet. To run all the
routines (i.e. to run it unchanged) requires 1Mb of
expanded memory and a LaserJet with 1Mb of memory

gem.h | Marv Luse's article on scaling fonts, using GEM (ver. 2)
sclfont.c | fonts as an example.

bgiparse.c | John Dlugosz's code to demonstrate various BGI programming
house1.c | techniques.
house2.c |
mandala.c |
pie.c |

editdemo.c | The sample code mentioned by J. Rex in his review of C-Scape

For more information on The C Gazette, the code-intensive quarterly
for C and C++ programmers for MS-DOS systesm, contact:

The C Gazette
1341 Ocean Avenue #257
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(213) 473-7414

All comments are welcome.

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