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The complete source code from The C Gazette Magazine Volume 3 Number 3.
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The complete source code from The C Gazette Magazine Volume 3 Number 3.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANSISPEC.DAT 464 278 deflated
BASE.C 12669 3078 deflated
ENVCMD.C 3185 1337 deflated
HEADER.C 5801 2098 deflated
MSRCH.C 14144 4411 deflated
MSRCH.H 513 229 deflated
README.1ST 1478 838 deflated
ROWCOL.C 3618 1295 deflated
SOUNDEX.C 2381 988 deflated
TENKEY.C 5535 2099 deflated
TORTURE.C 9296 2683 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

The following programs are from the Winter 1988 issue of The C Gazette
(Vol III, 3). All the source code is copyrighted, and it is expected
that users who wish to see the continued publication of a code-intensive
C magazine such as the C Gazette will respect these copyrights. While
the code may be freely distributed, the copyright notice(s) must be
retained. The source code cannot be sold for profit--a nominal charge
for media and duplication is, however, allowed and should not exceed
US$10 per diskette. The object code form of these programs may be used
freely unless otherwise stated in the program's introductory comments.

The enclosed files are:

ANSISPEC.DAT - Minimum specs required by ANSI - driver data for TORTURE.C
BASE.C - Number conversion among any bases from 2 to 36
ENVCMD.C - Use environment variables to pass command-line switches
HEADER.C - Access records from dBase III and dBase IV
MSRCH.C - Multiple string searches by John Rex
ROWCOL.C - Get row and column counts for EGA and VGA, clear the screen
SOUNDEX.C - Generate Soundex algorithm for retrieving names
TENKEY.C - Format dollar field data as it is entered at the keyboard
TORTURE.C - Code generator for testing programs

To comment on these files or receive more information
about The C Gazette, please write or call:

The C Gazette
1341 Ocean Avenue #257
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(213) 473-7414

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