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C source files from The C Gazette magazine. Vol 2 #3.
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C source files from The C Gazette magazine. Vol 2 #3.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AMODEL.C 1964 743 deflated
ARITH.H 587 307 deflated
ARITHD.C 2106 804 deflated
ARITHE.C 2466 917 deflated
BEAN.C 4669 1544 deflated
BITIN.C 1106 509 deflated
BITOUT.C 770 364 deflated
BREAK.C 2423 844 deflated
BREAKASM.A 3015 1111 deflated
CRUNCH.C 4775 1391 deflated
DATESTR.C 6471 1982 deflated
DECODE.C 615 341 deflated
ENCODE.C 760 384 deflated
INSTALL.C 2272 841 deflated
INT_VEC.H 700 363 deflated
LBR.C 20611 5036 deflated
MODEL.H 692 356 deflated
OS.H 258 164 deflated
PTRCONV.C 2600 724 deflated
README.1ST 1843 973 deflated
UNCRUNCH.C 3010 1020 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

The following programs are from the Winter 1987 issue of The C Gazette
(Vol II, 3). All the source code is copyrighted, and it is expected
that users who wish to see the continued publication of a code-intensive
C magazine such as the C Gazette will respect these copyrights. While
the code may be freely distributed, the copyright notice(s) must be
retained. The source code cannot be sold for profit--a nominal charge
for media and duplication is, however, allowed and should not exceed
US$10 per diskette. The object code form of these programs may be used
freely unless otherwise stated in the program's introductory comments.

The enclosed files are:

ARITHCOD.ARC - UNIX version of data compression by arithmetic coding
BEAN.C - Gries coffee-bean conundrum
BREAK.C - DeSmet routine for trapping control-C/Control break
BREAKASM.A - DeSmet A88 file to work with break.c
CRUNCH.C - Compresses recurring sequences. Works with uncrunch.c
DATESRT.C - Date validation routine (Part III)
INSTALL.C - File to work with break.c
INTVEC.H - File to work with install.c
LBR.C - Lump files into one library and manage them there
OS.H - File for install.c
PTRCONV.C - File for install.c and related programs.
UNCRUNCH.C - Uncrunches files compressed by crunch.c

About arithcod.txt:
These files run untouched under UNIX but not under MS-DOS. Because
we only recently received permission to distribute the files, we are still
checking the port to DOS (interestingly it's not a simple direct task).
All persons receiving the UNIX version will receive the DOS version shortly.

To comment on these files or receive more information
about The C Gazette, please write or call:

The C Gazette
1341 Ocean Avenue #257
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(213) 473-7414

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