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Borland Language Express, Vol 1, No 1, source files.
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Borland Language Express, Vol 1, No 1, source files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
HELLO.BAT 57 42 deflated
HELLOW.CPP 3165 1192 deflated
HELLOW.RC 29 29 stored
INLINE.CPP 283 186 deflated
NAV.PAS 1869 688 deflated
README 1067 492 deflated
STDWIN.H 917 428 deflated
STR.CPP 906 357 deflated
TECHNIX.PAS 343 171 deflated
TTIME.CPP 291 142 deflated
WHELLO.C 2239 823 deflated
WINAPP.CPP 151 102 deflated
WINAPP.H 7748 2301 deflated
WINDOW.CPP 999 425 deflated
WINFONT.H 780 334 deflated

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Contents of the README file

The following are the source files for Borland Language Express
Winter 1991, Volume 1 Number 1:

README - this file
README.COM - Borland Readme program

Borland C++ by Richard Hale Shaw

HELLOW.CPP - main program source code
WINAPP.CPP - program source code
STDWIN.H - header file containing WinAppStdWindow class
WINAPP.H - header file containing main windows class definitions
WINFONT.H - header file containing WinFont class definition
HELLOW.RC - resource definition file
HELLO.BAT - batch file to build the C++ hello world program
WHELLO.C - C source code for traditional hello world program

Navigating with Turbo Vision by Tom Swan

NAV.PAS - directory navigation example

C++ Without Objects by Richard Hale Shaw

WINDOW.CPP - default function arguments example
TTIME.CPP - function overloading example
STR.CPP - function overloading example
INLINE.CPP - in-line functions example

Turbo Technix

TECHNIX.PAS - pascal file write & read example

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