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Best Of Utils from PC Tech Journal.
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Best Of Utils from PC Tech Journal.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
HPMETRIC.ZIP 38425 34489 deflated
README 1100 566 deflated
TECHLINE 615 350 deflated
UTILITY.ZIP 83724 79579 deflated
WARRANTY 999 515 deflated

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Contents of the README file


This disk is a compilation of programs that have appeared in PC
Tech Journal over the years. The diskette will spare you the
task of typing long listings from the magazine, thus leaving you
with time for more productive uses of the material published in
PC Tech Journal.

The diskette contains two subdirectories, UTILITY and HPMETRIC,
in which you will find the programs. Each directory also
includes the file CONTENTS, which identifies each program and
provides a reference to the issue of PC Tech Journal in which it
first appeared. The CONTENTS files are in ASCII text format
suitable for TYPEing or PRINTing. The file WARRANTY contains the
limited warranty and copyright notice.

Thank you for subscribing to PC Tech Journal. We hope this
diskette and your future issues of the PC Tech Journal will be a
valuable and useful addition to your library.

Julie Anderson Will Fastie
Editor Editorial Director

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