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April 1992 files from DOS/Windows Developer's Journal.
File APR92.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Files from Magazines
April 1992 files from DOS/Windows Developer’s Journal.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
!CDW0304.001 1 1 stored
!README 2188 1052 deflated
3N04012A 3486 1190 deflated
3N04014A 4432 1171 deflated
3N04017A 13646 3354 deflated
3N04027A 11111 3254 deflated
3N04035A 1599 620 deflated
3N04042A 930 476 deflated
3N04043A 4961 1960 deflated
3N04048A 1430 590 deflated
3N04050A 545 214 deflated
3N04050B 3136 1035 deflated
3N04051A 652 223 deflated
3N04052A 18805 4580 deflated
3N04053A 448 140 deflated
3N04062A 144 99 deflated
3N04062B 1338 461 deflated
CRNL.C 1999 828 deflated
FILENAME.TXT 2133 920 deflated

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Contents of the FILENAME.TXT file

************************* MASTER CODE ***************************************

The name of the first file in this disk's directory identifies the volume,
issue number and revision of the disk. The format of this filename is:


# = the '#' character
m = C for C Users Journal, W for Windows/DOS Developer's Journal
vv = volume
ii = issue
rrr = revision (001 for initial release, 002 for next update, etc.)

The file UPDATE.DOC contains information about any additions or
corrections to material on the disk since the original magazine

************************* FILENAME CONVENTION *******************************

Names of files that appeared in the magazine are configured with a
volume number, an issue number, a page number and an alphabetic
letter, as follows:


v = first digit of volume number
N = the letter N if v < 9, else the second digit of the volume number
ii = issue number
ppp = page number
c = A for first on page, B for 2nd on page, etc.

Examples: 8N04121A: the first listing on page 121 in volume 8, issue 4.
1001035b: the second listing on page 35 in volume 10, issue 1.

************************** ADDITIONAL FILES *****************************

If there are additional files (that did not appear in the actual article)
supplied to us by authors for inclusion in the code disk, they may be
combined into a self-extracting PKZIP archive having the author's name as
filename, and extension .EXE. To uncompress such an archive, place it into
a directory all by itself and run it. Short files may not be compressed.

If you have questions regarding to the disk, please call or write us.

R&D Publications, Inc.
1601 W. 23rd St. Suite 200
Lawrence, KS 66046
(913) 841-1631

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