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VT-PROLOG - Very Tiny Prolog

VT-PROLOG is a simple prolog interpreter provided with full source code
to encourage experimentation with PROLOG.

1. Boot the system.
2. Insert the disk containing VTPROLOG.COM in Drive A:
3. If the DOS prompt is not A>, type A: and press the ENTER key to switch
to drive A:.
4. Type VTPROLOG and press RETURN. VTPROLOGshould respond withits heading
and a '-> ' prompt.

Loading a data base
1. You may enter rules and queries directlty from the keyboard. The
syntax of both queries and rules is described below. Be sure to
terminate all queries, rules and commands with a period.
2. Data bases may be stored as ASCII text files. To read a text file type
the command:
@ filename .
where filename is a legitimate DOS filename, the default extension is
'PRO'. If the filename contains a ':', '.' or a '\' then it must be
enclosed in single quotes. For example, the following are legitmate
file commands:
@ wine .
@ '' .
@ 'c:\prolog\test\wine' .
3. VTPROLOG will read and compile the text file. Any queries included in
the file will be executed just as if they had been typed from the
4. Data base files may contain commands to read to other data base files.

Terminating VTPROLOG
1. To exit VTPROLOG, type :
exit .
at the '-> ' prompt. Don't forget the period.

The following BNF describes the syntax of VTPROLOG rules and queries:

sentence ::- rule | query | command
rule ::- head '.' | head ':-' tail '.'
query ::- '?-' tail '.'
command ::- '@' file_name '.'
head ::- goal
tail ::- goal | goal ',' tail
goal ::- constant | variable | structure
constant ::- {quoted string} | {token beginning with 'a' .. 'z'}
variable ::- {identifier beginning with 'A' .. 'Z' or '_' }
structure ::- functor '(' component_list ')'
functor ::- {token beginning with 'a' .. 'z'}
component_list ::- goal | goal ',' components_list
file_name ::- {legitimate DOS file name, must be surrounded with
single quotes if it contains a '.',':' or '\'}

Examples of legitimate data base statements are:

likes(john,X) :- likes(X,wine) , female(X) .
likes(joan,wine) .
likes(alice,candy) .
male(john) .
female(alice) .
female(joan) .

An example of a legitimate query for this data base would be:

?- likes(john,Who) .

VTPROLOG should respond:

Who = joan

At this point you may type ';' to continue to search for other
solutions to the query, or press the 'Enter' key to terminate the
query. If VTPROLOG cannot find a solution to a query it responds 'No'
to indicate that no solution exits to the query at this point.

Constant, variable or functor names may be up to 80 characters in
length. Constants beginning with capital letters or containing
imbedded blanks, commas, paraenthesis or periods must be surrounded by
single quote marks.

From time to time you may see a '*' displayed on the screen as a query
is being evaluated. This means that garbage collection is in progress.
The '*' will be erased when collection is completed.

Good luck with VTPROLOG. We would be very interested in hearing of
your experiments, enhancements or even (gasp) bugs that you may find.
Please write to us with your comments or questions.

Bill and Bev Thompson
C/O AI Expert Magazine
650 5th St.
Suite 311
San Francisco, CA 94107

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