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;;; Production System. Copyright Raul E. Valdes-Perez, 1986. All Rights Reserved.
;;; property list of rule:
;;; patterns, assert, delete, good-all-bindings, best-bindings
;;; property list of fact:
;;; datum, origin

(defun run ()
(prog (eligible-rules rule-to-fire)
(pr "matching rules")
(mapcar '(lambda (rule)
(putprop rule
(remove-useless-bindings rule (match-rule rule))
'good-all-bindings)) *rules*)
(setq eligible-rules (collect-eligible-rules *rules*))
(cond ((null eligible-rules) (return nil)))
(setq rule-to-fire (resolve-conflict eligible-rules))
(pr "firing the rule ...") (see-rule rule-to-fire)
(execute-rule rule-to-fire)
(go loop)))

;;; returns rules that are eligible for firing
(defun collect-eligible-rules (rules)
(cond ((null rules) nil)
((get (car rules) 'good-all-bindings)
(cons (car rules) (collect-eligible-rules (cdr rules))))
(t (collect-eligible-rules (cdr rules)))))

;;; filters out useless bindings
(defun remove-useless-bindings (rule all-bindings)
(cond ((null all-bindings) nil)
;could also check for deleting facts which are not present
((asserts-only-duplicates? (get rule 'assert) (car all-bindings))
(remove-useless-bindings rule (cdr all-bindings)))
(t (cons (car all-bindings)
(remove-useless-bindings rule (cdr all-bindings))))))

(defun asserts-only-duplicates? (assertions bindings)
(not (member 'nil
(mapcar 'datum-present? (bind-assertions assertions bindings)))))

(defun execute-rule (rule)
(setq *facts*
(bind-assertions (get rule 'delete) (get rule 'best-bindings))
'(lambda (new-datum)
(print "adding fact: ") (pr new-datum)
(add-fact new-datum rule))
(bind-assertions (get rule 'assert) (get rule 'best-bindings))))

Š(defun delete-data (data facts)
(cond ((null facts) nil)
't (mapcar
'(lambda (datum) (equal datum (get (car facts) 'datum)))
(print "deleting fact: ") (pr (get (car facts) 'datum))
(delete-data data (cdr facts)))
(t (cons (car facts) (delete-data data (cdr facts))))))

;;; returns the single rule and sets best-bindings on the property list
(defun resolve-conflict (rules)
(prog (rule)
(setq rule (most-specific (car rules) (cdr rules)))
(putprop rule (car (get rule 'good-all-bindings)) 'best-bindings)
(return rule)))

(defun most-specific (best rest)
(cond ((null rest) best)
((> (length (get best 'patterns)) (length (get (car rest) 'patterns)))
(most-specific best (cdr rest)))
(t (most-specific (car rest) (cdr rest)))))

(defun see-rule (rule)
(pr "LHS")
(mapcar 'pr (get rule 'patterns))
(pr "RHS")
(mapcar 'pr (get rule 'assert))
(pr "with bindings")
(pr (get rule 'best-bindings)))

(defun pr (obj)
(print obj) (terpri))

(defun datum-present? (datum)
(datum-present2? datum *facts*))

(defun datum-present2? (datum facts)
(cond ((null facts) nil)
((equal datum (get (car facts) 'datum)))
(t (datum-present2? datum (cdr facts)))))

(defun bind-assertions (assertions bindings)
(mapcar '(lambda (assertion)
(bind-assertion assertion (car bindings))) assertions))

(defun bind-assertion (assertion pairs)
(cond ((null assertion) nil)
((use? (car assertion))
(cons (cdr (assoc (cadar assertion) pairs))
(bind-assertion (cdr assertion) pairs)))
(t (cons (car assertion) (bind-assertion (cdr assertion) pairs)))))

(defun use? (u-item)
(and (listp u-item) (eq (car u-item) '*use*)))

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Archive   : AIOCT86.ZIP
Filename : INSIDE2.LTG

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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