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AI Magazine October 1986 Sources, etc.
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AI Magazine October 1986 Sources, etc.
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Contents of the ASSE.DOC file

A Brief Guide to A Simple Structure Editor (ASSE)
Jeffrey M. Jacobs

Copyright (c) 1986, CONSART Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 3016, Manhattan Beach, CA (213)376-3802
All rights reserved. Permission granted for
non-commercial distribution.
CompuServe: 75076,2603
BIX: jeffjacobs
UUCP: [email protected]

Keywords are in UPPER CASE, i.e. REPLACE, INSERT etc.

"n" is an integer.

"form" is a user's form, i.e. an atom list or number.

The ASSE editor is invoked by:

(EDITV symbol); To edit the value of "symbol".
(EDITF symbol); To edit the function definition of "symbol").

If no "symbol" is specified, ASSE will use the state from the last

nA non-zero integer "n" changes ASSE's view to be
the nth element of the current view.
00 (zero) changes ASSE's view to be the expression
containing the current view.

UPSimilar to 0; if the current view is a tail
of the containing expression, it will be the first
element in the new view.

NEXTChange the view to the expression following the
current view. Similar to UP 2.

TOPChange the view to the "top" of the form being

UNDOUndo the last destructive operation.

DELETE nDelete the nth element of the current view.
"D" and "DEL" are abbreviations for DELETE.

INSERT form BEFORE nTo insert a new element in the list. "I" and "INS"
INSERT form AFTER nare abbreviations for INSERT, "B" and "BEF" for BEFORE,
"A" and "AFT" for AFTER.

REPLACE n WITH formTo replace the nth element. "R" and "REP" are also

EMBED nEmbed the nth element in parends. "EMB" is also

EXTRACT nRemove a set of parends from around the nth element.
"EXT" and "XTR" are also accepted.

TESTPlaces a "BLOCK" on the *UNDO_LIST* (see REVERT).

REVERTUndoes all destructive commands since the last TEST.
Allows the user to test new versions and to back up
to a previous version. REVERT cannot be undone.

UNBLOCKRemoves the most recent BLOCK from the *UNDO_LIST*.

SAVEExits the editor, saving the current state of the
editing session on the property list of the symbol
being edited.

OKExits the editor, but DOES not save the current state.

PPrints the current expression to the depth specified

PL nPrints the current expression to level "n".

PPPretty Prints the current expression. May require
modifications for various dialects.

??Prints out the history of destructive commands.

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